VIVIAN XINH TRUONG – President of HAPPY WORLD COMPANY always creative to make dreams a reality

VIVIAN XINH TRUONG – President of HAPPY WORLD COMPANY always creative to make dreams a reality

Well-known as the founder and CEO of Happy World, Vivian Xinh Truong is also the founder of Happy World Charity Club. She is a member of the International Leadership Network of Women and an Ambassador for Global Women. Vivian Xinh Truong has 10 years of experience in many fields such as technology, tourism, real estate, import and export, events and media … Recently she was awarded the Talented Entrepreneur Award year 2020 by the Vietnam Entrepreneur Culture magazine.

When meeting Vivian, people often imagine her as a CEO of a fashion company rather than a CEO in the field of service trade, because of her luxurious appearance and elegant face. At the age of 30, Vivian is still single and exposed to the love of life and career – a great age with many great ambitions. Global Women had an interesting talk with her with many perspectives on life and business.

It is known that Vivian is the owner of the trade and investment services company Happy World. Vivian what is your number one priority at the month?

Happy world connect with local and international investors, operate with multi purpose services such as investing advisory for starter-ups in Vietnam, real estate investing, travels, event organizing, commercial and beauty, health products trading.

I am focusing on developing brand new brand name, connecting investors and building customer network to make business cooperation more successful.

How did Vivian start up?

I was independent and went to work when I was a student. I majored in tourism, I was motivated and wanted to succeed, so I soon showed that I am a practical and good person. Before graduating from university, I was signed a long-term contract by a foreign company with an ideal salary. This is the stepping stone for my work. From here, I was able to work with clients of foreign companies, and from  here, as my career developed, my boss had to recognize rare young people who are proactive and confident to work with customers. Big goods like me. I am interested in learning, so I have a lot of experience in many different fields. That helps me to have a vision when analyzing and making the right decision at work. I used to live and work in the US, but due to lack of family affection, I decided to return and open a company in Vietnam. I am interested in both business and tourism, so I set up a company to work and run online, this is consistent with the current trend and my hobby.

Being so young and talented, Vivian must never have failed, has that ever made Vivian proud?

Unfortunately, I have failed in financial investment.

Sorry for encountering Vivian's worries, through that failure, what does Vivian think about failure and how did you managed after the failure?

I like this question because it reminds me of my thoughts so I can remember the turning point of youth. A memorable memory after that failure, I had the opportunity to confide in a woman I admire, she comforted me: "In the old days, the concept of getting married before starting a new career was good. I improve myself before I get into the business. " The sentence was short, but I broke many things. Today, due to the economic and social development of young people, many people have started their career before getting married, many young people have made a lot of money but when they did dealing with those people, I see they still have many shortcomings such as filial piety, complacency. If I fail so early, I will avoid my complacency and control my aggressiveness, I will stop blaming myself because I understand, everyone in my life has at least failed once. And learned from failure, "failure is the mother of success".

There are always risks in the taking risk, from the failure I have the opportunity to meet successful people, they are willing to teach me about business experience.

It is known that Vivian very hard work when it come to learning, attend many courses on business, about running a business, and spending time for social activities?

Studying helps me gain more knowledge and vision about current business practices and future trends. Outside of work, I always try to spend time to participate in social activities, I always have an open mind and never react negatively to opposing views and always think that this is the source of inspiration. inspiring me to work harder and harder, so that one day can prove my worth in the business world. I always understood that circumstances are not the most important thing. Sensitivity in business is important and it is a gift of nature for women, so my foresight or intuition is also one of the extremely useful qualities when starting a business joint. I am constantly trying to learn to increase my sharp intuition, yesterday's failures or shortcomings will be set aside and I will focus only on the future.

Has pandemic season influenced Vivian's work? How did Vivian keep optimism and join everyone in this difficult time?

Yes but there are no major influences on the job because I have flexibility in running the job.

I spend time working online, doing yoga, reading, cooking and taking some online courses … I am a Buddhist so I often listen to the Dharma teachings so my mind is always optimistic. pole to peace through volatility.

It is known that Vivian is an ambassador for Global Women magazine, so young and energetic Vivian is very suitable for this job and loves this role?

I really like this role, because in this role, I have met, exchanged and learned the experiences of the successful businessmen and learn about businesses that have been very successful. That constant access and learning also contributes to the improvement of a young person like me every day.

In August 4th 2020, Vivian Xinh Truong is honored to be appointed as Vice Director of External Affairs of Vietnam Charity Association by Its CEO Mr Nguyen Huynh Thanh.

Can Vivian introduce a little bit about the family?

I was born and raised in Bac Lieu. When I was 18, I went to Saigon to study at university. My family has 3 sisters. I'm the eldest sister and the other including one girl and a boy after me. My parents are
people who love us so much. Especially our mother, my mother cooks well, is gentle and very funny. My sisters loved and told each other to work, they also followed my example and worked hard to study hard, so everyone had a very good job and no one bothered anyone. In our free time, we go out to eat and hang out. I am happy and proud of my parents and children.

Thanks Vivian. We wish Vivian always healthy, happy and achieve her dreams.



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