Tran Thi Thuy Owner Of Tay Son Seafood Restaurant – The More Gentle The Wife, The More Successful The Husband

Tran Thi Thuy Owner Of Tay Son Seafood Restaurant – The More Gentle The Wife, The More Successful The Husband

With her husband, she operating Tay Son seafood restaurant – a famous culinary address in Ba Ria – Vung Tau, has been very successful for many years, but few people know that a gentle woman like her. it is the solid support that always accompanies her husband in every step of his career development.

" The husband and wife who are in harmony with the same direction have created good and  talented children. Your children also do not betray the trust of their parents, worthy of being the perfect inheritance of their parents."


She was born in a family of 10 siblings, she followed her parents from the North to the South to set up a career in Ba Ria – Vung Tau since a young age, so she soon had the influence of the gentle lifestyle here.

Her family works in purchasing, transporting and processing seafood, so all siblings have to work with her father. That is why the brothers in the family, everyone is hard-working. With the tradition of diligence and enduring, her family soon became a well-developed and prestigious family in this  profession in Ba Ria Vung Tau. Also from work and due to family arrangement , she marry with businessman Nhu Van Nghia, Mr. Nghia also did business in the field of purchasing, transporting and processing seafood.

Having favorable conditions and the same age, in 1995, when she was only 21 years old, she officially married him. Getting married early and husband and wife are the same young, thought it would be a lot of hard work to change and grow together, but she was fortunate enough to reap the sweet fruits of family happiness because her husband is young but He was also born to do business very early, he soon understood the hardships of life, but knew how to cherish what is at the core and understand that husband and wife are a good opportunity that needs to be taken care of together. nurture love, raise children to build a sustainable career together.,,,

She always told herself that the fate of the girl to meet the people who work hard and be kind is also thanks to the blessings above for her, so she mus,t live even more to deserve that merit.

Years of experience in the seafood industry with ,the dream of opening a restaurant providing the specialties of Ba Ria Vung Tau waters to customers from near and far, in 2009, her couple decided to open a seafood restaurant in Tay Son. Initially only a small restaurant, but under the excellent seafood selection talent of many years in your profession and his cooking skills, gradually a good reputation spread, Tay Son name has become the culinary destination of local customers, of customers in the vicinity and attract customers from Saigon to Ba Ria Vung Tau or Long Hai.

After a period of development, they also expanded the restaurant, upgraded the wedding hall, to better serve the needs of customers. In addition to fresh seafood dishes, Tay Son restaurant is also very satisfied by customers here with cooking services for the restaurant's weddings, parties and birthday parties.

With such prestige advantages, Tay Son Seafood Restaurant is increasingly becoming a prestigious destination for diners everywhere.

Business development, with available family space, the couple also opened Tay Son Karaoke entertainment service. With modern rooms and quality sound systems. This is not only a familiar place for everyone in the area, but also a place of entertainment and entertainment for visitors from afar.


They have 6 children. The first daughter, Nhu Thi Kim Anh, 26 years old, is always with her mother as a diligent assistant. The next child is Nhu Van Nam, 24 years old, who is in charge of the restaurant department of weddings and events. After Nam, the twin brothers Nhu Van Tay and Nhu Van Son, this is the name they chose to give Tay Son restaurant. Tay and Son are just 20 years old this year, but they are very good at restaurant work. The brothers in the family are very good at telling each other, whoever does, they do not overlap, so the restaurant's work is very smooth and efficient. Nhu Van Tay is doing very well in charge of Tay Son Restaurant, Nhu Van Son in charge of operating Tay Son Karaoke restaurant is also very effective. The last two children, Nhu Van Quoc Viet and Nhu Thi Truc Linh, are young, Quoc Viet is still in school and Truc Linh is 2 years older.

The husband and wife who are in harmony with the same direction have created good and talented children. Your children also do not betray the trust of their parents, worthy of being the perfect inheritance of their parents. Recently, meeting Mr. Nghia at the award ceremony of the typical new era businessman in Hanoi, when we asked about his wife, he happily replied: My wife is a gentle, kind woman. always accompany me and be my solid rear. The success I have today, great success is that of my wife and my 6 dear children.


The old saying "The more gentle the wife, the more successful her husband" is indeed true to her husband and wife Thuy and Nghia. She, a woman who is humble enough to respect all things sincerely reverently. The good thing she always does for her husband, she herself always humbly steps back. Doing good deeds is not ostentatious, doing wrong things does not give up responsibility. The gentle woman like water always finds good points in the man, silently encouraging them. These words of encouragement can help a man to have more will and energy to rise. Sometimes a woman's kindness and tenderness and love have a greater impact than her beautiful appearance, high education, or money and wealth. It is her gentleness that highlights the strength, resolution and sense of responsibility of Mr. Nghia. In family life, when a wife is gentle like water, a strong spirit is naturally born. The husband knows that he must work hard to bring a sense of security to his wife, and to create a warm family.

Ms. Thuy is a gentle and beautiful woman who is quiet but very profound. To her, having such a good appearance is also a blessing from her superiors and parents, but the inner care for her gentle, tender quality must be trained by herself. Because she thinks that beauty is an external factor that can be easily passed away, only the cultivation of the mind is eternal. Moreover, the beautiful face will gradually fade from time to time, and the inner cultivation can increase at the same time, the longer the time becomes, like water. The worm flows slowly but no one can stop it. Thanks to that, the husband's family is happy, peaceful, and the family's career is increasingly developed.


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