The spring conversation with Miss Beauty Universe Photo NGUYEN THANH HANG

The spring conversation with Miss Beauty Universe Photo NGUYEN THANH HANG

Entrepreneur Nguyen Thanh Hang shines through the Miss Beauty Universe Photo contest organized by Global Woman, Fashionista, and Style Perspectives magazines.

Miss Beauty Universe Photo is a platform that gathers women who love beauty from all around the world, celebrating the beauty and lifestyle of women from every nation. Through the  images, individuals not only showcase the beauty of individuals but also present a magnificent portrait of the country and culture they represent.

As the reigning champion of the competition in January 2024, the new beauty queen Nguyen Thanh Hang is not only a symbol of physical beauty but also exemplifies independence and courage in life. Prominent in the business world as the Co-owner of Eibauer Imported Beer Company – a beer brand that brings  flavors from the Kingdom of Saxony. She is also the founder and manager of ANNIE Beauty, a beauty salon.

Thanh Hang shines not only with her physical beauty but also stands out for her intelligence and captivating fashion sense. Global Woman magazine had a conversation with her on the occasion of the Lunar New Year.

Hello Thanh Hang. What experiences did you
have on your journey to the crown and the recent competition victory?

I felt happy and very excited. The journey was a colorful canvas that I am proud of. I am grateful for my friends, brothers, and sisters who have always encouraged and supported me.

Through your experience, what have you learned about the diversity of beauty?

The concept of beauty in general and physical beauty, in particular, is highly diverse and not immutable but constantly changing. Each individual’s perception of beauty, both in general and in terms of physical appearance, depends on various factors: genetic heritage, ethnic origin, geographical location, cultural background, educational level, age, the era we live in, the individual’s cultural and social interactions with society and the world, inherent qualities, and so on. Therefore, the perception of beauty varies across different regions and ethnicities.

To me, beyond physical standards such as height, weight, or measurements, beauty primarily emanates
from actions, words, gestures, and the individual’s unique demeanor.

From now on, carrying the title of beauty queen will be accompanied by many honors, but also many pressures, such as maintaining an image and a loss of the previous ease. Do you think so?

I don’t feel any difficulty. My life has existed in a similar context from before, and I don’t see much significant change. I have always valued dressing well and being confident in public. With the title of beauty queen, it just makes me feel more liberated in expressing my personal style. The important thing is that from now on, when appearing in public, I must understand that attention to my appearance and behavior will increase. But I think these are basic rules that everyone should know, not just beauty queens.


In today’s society, some individuals place excessive importance on external beauty, willing to undergo cosmetic interventions and inject fillers from a relatively young age to achieve their desired appearance. What are your thoughts on this, and how do you maintain your natural beauty in this context?

Beauty is the right of every individual, and the beauty industry has significantly advanced with many skilled cosmetic surgeons. Seeking beauty enhancements is not necessarily a major concern, but what matters is choosing safe and health-conscious solutions. Personally, I respect natural beauty as a way to express confidence and self-acceptance. I prefers not to resort to invasive beauty procedures such as cosmetic surgery or injectable fillers. Instead, I prioritize skincare and body care through natural methods. I even own a spa for self-care and cater to loyal customers. (Smiles)

You are always cheerful and full of energy, you must be an optimistic and positive-minded person! That’s wonderful! I’m an optimistic person, even when facing challenges, I keep a cheerful heart. In life, I avoid negative things; anything that causes distress, I steer clear of it. I don’t let negative thoughts infiltrate my mind. Friends often call me a doll because my outward appearance might be a bit delicate. (Laughs) But inside, I am strong and straightforward. If there’s something I don’t like, I express it immediately and move on. I don’t enjoy complaints or negativity; I prefer laughter, gentle words, and warmth. I believe that a happy person has an open heart, and that’s when the mood remains serene.

I always take charge of my life and cherish every moment. I like to always appear fresh and radiant. I learn to love myself more every day, caring and dedicating love to my family. I am someone who knows how to balance work and hobbies by finding simple pleasures that help release stress. My joy is straightforward – for instance, when work gets too exhausting, I might book a photography session to capture a fashion collection, or I could visit a recording studio to record a song, or just go out for cafe with friends.

What is the secret to maintaining your physique?

I don’t follow a strict diet but rather eat reasonably. Saigon has a hot and sunny climate almost all year
round, and to protect my skin from tanning, I always use sunscreen whenever I go outside.

What do you wish for the new year?

I wish for my family good health, harmony, and happiness. I hope for peace for my friends and clients. May prosperity and good fortune come to everyone in their endeavors.

Thank you for spending time with the conversation today.

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