TANDOOR Restaurant – Enjoys Indian’s Cuisine at the heart of the city

As one of the most famous Indian Restaurant for almost 20 years in Vietnam, Tandoor has since become an iconic sign in the heart of many Indian’s delicacies enthusiast for a very long time.

Indian’s cuisine is a combination of various ingredients, flavors and recipes. Not only that but it specialty is in it way of mixing every spices and herbs. At Tandoor Restaurant, you will discover the signature culture cuisine of India through the experience hands of the restaurant’s staffs and chefs.

Owner of the restaurant is the two brothers from Bangalore city of India, has delivered us the diners in Vietnam whole new experiences through a revolutionary way of making Indian’s Cuisine from both side of the country – the Southern India and Northern India from 1997 to the Present.

Through almost 20 years at the center of the City, Tandoor attracted a large amount of Indian customers, foreigners as well as any Vietnamese food lovers that searching for a special experience.

The menu included not only the Indian familiar delicacies such as Naan bread, dosa bread, Biriyani rice, many flavorful choices of curries. But also its famous traditional grill dishes prepare and cook in Tandoor clay ovens specially make to truly awake the flavor and the texture of the meats, created that crispy shell on the outside but moist and perfectly cook on the inside…

Good food only became great food when it is complimented by the atmosphere it is presented in. Tandoor restaurant is not only excellent in it cooking but also in it style and decoration, when you walk in to the restaurant you experience not only the wonderful foods but also a journey to discover India with the restaurant’s rich culture landmarks and interior design.

The deep spicy taste of Indian signature spices used in most Indian’s cuisine such as: Dill, beans, cinnamon, cadarmon, ginger, onion, garlic… and of cause can’t forget to mention saffron. The main ingredient that combined with all the other herbs enhanced all senses make every meals not only a treat for your taste buds but also your eyes and nose. Experienced such wonderful feeling right here at Tandoor.

With two locations right at the heart of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Tandoor filled your Indian’s Gourmet need whether you are a foreigner living and working in Vietnam or tourist come from anywhere in the world to visit these two great cities.


39A-39B Ngo Duc Ke street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Telephone: 028 3930 4839 – 028 3930 2468
Website: www.tandoorvietnam.com
Email: tandoor@tandoorvietnam.com
Open from 11 A.M to 11 P.M everydays.