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Speaker Julia Nguyen – The Princess of Spring

Speaker Julia Nguyen is always a face that is recognized by the media's favor because of her beauty and wisdom of youth and the spirit of always radiance positive energy with a spirit of understanding and optimism in life. Global Women was fortunate to have an interview with her during the beginning of the flourishing new spring.

The year 2021 has passed, Covid has greatly affected life and work. How did Julia able remain cheerful and keep the rhythm of life undisturbed?

First of all, i would like to share with you and our readers, that i acknowledge that the Covid epidemic no matter how big or small, has disrupted the lives of all of us on this planet, from spiritual to material right? Julia and her family are no exception. Julia herself and her husband for nearly 10 years have been working on financial investment at a large corporation, directly related to the education industry, which has suffered the most during the pandemic. With nearly 200 elite schools closed for more than a year alone, the damage is obvious, and the turmoil is immeasurable, especially for investors who are stuck in financial flows. Besides, there are psychological crises of hundreds of partners, customers, personnel, myself as well has become a sorta "crisis magnet"…

Many relatives and colleagues have asked why Julia is in the midst of that change, but manage to be always at peace, even with positive energy. With Julia, understanding and accepting every event that comes in life has a reason and has a sacred meaning, the purpose it has is to send messages and lessons to us, so that we can increase our awareness, repair ourselves, develop  our abilities, and cultivate our strongest qualities through adversity. With the attitude of accepting lessons and being ready to face all these disturbances, instead of falling into a state of insecurity and fear, Julia herself always has a steady, proactive state from within, from which plan her strategy to take action, always make an effort to come up with the best solution at any time, gradually removing each obstacles.

We often mistakenly think that peace is when no one, nothing disturbs us, or when we get or achieve this or that, or achieved some happiness. In fact, peace and happiness are always available within us, just reconnecting with our primordial source of energy, we have our own happiness and are ready to experience the world with all our vitality and love.

At times when so many disturbances and eventful things come to impact at the same time, Meditation, is a method by which Julia can always turn inward to touch her divine self, regenerate energy and emotions, increasing my balance. be fair, steady, awake, understand myself, understand these events, recognize the message of what lessons to need learn from here, and then be ready to gradually shift myself, transforming the negatives into positives. Instead of resenting the adverse event,  the arrival of Covid implicitly helped Julia learn faster, develop qualities in a higher dimension, this is a valuable gift that I can accumulate and carry with me forever.

The profession of speaker and inspiration giver is probably needed during times when everyone is depressed with anxiety, what has Julia done with this mission during these days of global pandemic?

At the beginning of 2021, the whole world shares the same panic and anxiety about the disease, when the vaccine has not been deployed yet, the "inner vaccine" is extremely necessary to help the community to have a healthy mind and stay positive. I have joined the role of a meditator in the series "Spring Meditation: Protective Energy circle" because of this desire.

Also because of the restrictions and social  distancing, every program to meet, share or teach from me has been moved to an online platform. These are articles that share the right attitude for F0, F1…, meditation sessions in the Free Community Meditation Course Integrate and Transform with PSSA with many valuable topics such as: transformation. fear & anger; keep fire & revive; transform procrastination, integrate self-love; gratitude; compassion… At the same time, I am also a teaching assistant in the training courses on the topic I Awake, for a community to live awake, improve its way of life to change the planet.

During the Covid pandemic, I also had more time to perfected the quality of meditation tutorials such as guided meditations, pain-healing meditations, or even children's meditations to get a good night's sleep are recorded and uploaded to Julia Nguyen's youtube channel to spread to the community, making it easy for anyone to access the method of Meditation and apply it to close and effective life. I am very happy to be received, praised by the community and look forward to the next meditation tutorials!

Besides, I also do some livestream content under the topics of sharing about peace, happiness, success, minimalist journey, right understanding about healing or understanding prosperity mind… for my colleagues and community.

As for individual healing therapy, my clients and I have had a lot of special experiences in healing memories and emotions, hypnosis regression through online platforms. Indeed, the flat world has supported us closer to each other than ever, being able to "touch" the wounds to support each other's healing even in the situation of having to be restricted and being isolated because of the epidemic.

The epidemic is slowly passing, what have Julia realized and what message does she want to send to readers?

After many outbreaks in a row, instead of chaos, it seems that we have learned to accept life's fluctuations and learn to adapt to adversity. Julia observes and realizes that Covid has helped us "restructure" everything, making everything gradually become more balanced and harmonious.

Together, we have experienced a revolution that has changed lifestyles on many levels and in many dimensions.

There are obvious transformations.

From indifference, to care about health and the environment

From insatiable spending, translated into moderation and rationality. Live fast to live slow. Covid also shortens the power and choice gap. Want to get rich now become fully aware and create actual value. Self-sacrifice from self-love and become truly balance. We go from worry, fear, insecurity, arouse to be more compassion and gratitude, cherish the very small things, from which we learn how to share and give.

Covid has also changed the concept of Happiness of many individuals. Instead of the desire to seek from greed, hatred, and delusion that cannot be measured, to wishing only the ordinary Breath of life.

Covid has implicitly sent an important message to all of humanity: We are one! From this awareness has created equality and empathy, activated community responsibility, born unconditional love inside each person, all humanity needs to unite to transform without leaving anyone behind.

And covid also awakens each of us, starting to make us stop and wonder: What is the purpose of life? What is the meaning of this life?… This will be the question that gradually takes us out of the old illusions to gradually touch the truth.

I believe in the post-Covid world with a belief in a bright future, in good values, and love that expands, the Earth will become a more beautiful and livable place.

Which of your actions made Julia most satisfied with herself in the past year?

As a speaker who loves community activities, the arrival of Covid made me change my mind, flexibly share on online platforms, help me optimize my schedule to have more time for myself and be present with my family. family more. Adaptation and balance are what I feel I have benefited most from over the past year.

I also feel satisfied when my desire to serve the spiritual development of everyone is promoted during the year, when businesses and organizations begin to care about the mental health of their employees and communities. copper, which in the hustle and bustle of modern life makes us often ignore or ignore.

Learning always brings me joy when receiving knowledge. With a passion for learning and enthusiasm in the profession, in addition to constantly learning directly from domestic and international masters in the field of counseling and therapy that I pursue, last year I was also determined to review and passed the entrance exam to major in psychology of the prestigious University of Social Sciences & Humanities. Being a student again at this age, being able to go to the lecture hall again, and learning formal knowledge from the public system gives me a lot of excitement and joy. Family, students and friends all support and congratulate me!

And, looking back on the past year with the turmoil in life and the fluctuations in work, I secretly feel grateful for this "gift". Adversity has given me the opportunity to apply what I've learned, to challenge and train my mind, to perfect my qualities at the deepest intensity. The purpose of life is a multi-dimensional experience for me to forge my being, develop qualities and virtues, these are precious spiritual essences that we can carry with us forever. I am happy to have collected some of those "gems" for my journey.

What's new in Julia's upcoming plans?

2022, a year in which I believe the whole world will enter a new journey, not just me.

As for the reason, I prioritize to arrange my time to study according to the training program at the University I am pursuing, with the teachings from teachers in the field I am passionate about and dedicated to, to make myself feel better, day by day becoming a better version of me.

Besides, I give priority to service activities, so that I can sow seeds of awakening for the community, inspire and spread love, especially spiritual care for women. My dream is to help 1 million women become awake and happy!

Emotionally, I allow myself to relax and embrace the experiences that will come in the new year. I have an intuition that this will be the year that helps me tap into the depths of myself, awakening to things I never knew about myself. “Complete” is my keyword in everything when it comes to the energy of 2022.

Julia would like to send to you and all readers the best wishes for the new spring: together we will enter 2022 with a belief that a bright future, with good values, a peaceful and happy spring to come. each of us, let love continue to expand and bloom fragrantly!

Thank you Julia. Wishing Julia always beautiful, healthy and fulfill all of your good wishes.


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