SPEAKER JULIA NGUYEN and the mission to awaken femininity

The famous speaker Julia Nguyen is a beautiful and talented miss runner-up, she is also admired by everyone as an expert in sharing consciousness science, healing science and meditation guide.

Congratulations to Julia getting more and more popular with your career and growing as a speaker. It is known that Julia is having many contracts for the work of the heading South movement, and there are many new plans this year?

Thanks Global Woman. Perhaps thanks to my interview last year, there are now a lot of women actively contacting and asking "Teacher, when do you organize classes in Saigon ?!". Then through social networks, you also actively connected with each other in groups and invited me to start those classes. I felt the predestined relationship as well as a warm welcome from the southern region with the Feminine Awakening course. Besides, the year 2021 is the year that I plan to be more active as a speaker for organizations, receive more healing therapies, and especially give priority to teaching and sharing time about the department. learning consciousness, science of healing, guiding meditation, serving with non-profit organizations, supporting communities.

The year 2020 and the beginning of 2021 were indeed a year of turmoil because of the Corona epidemic, so did Julia Nguyen's pervasive journey slow down cause of it?

I believe that everything that happens has a reason and brings with it individual lessons learned from everyone on the planet. In the face of epidemic diseases, our pace of life slows down, you have the opportunity to listen to your inner voice more deeply, to find answers to questions about the purpose of life and conduct true happiness? That's when the role of a speaker like me needs to come to fruition to deliver the message. The moment of "social isolation", the need to connect and learn is increasing, and now online teaching and learning solutions have supported us a lot. Online courses or online therapy counseling are exciting experiences on this time of pandemic, and beyond. Through online channels, students in every province, both at home and abroad, when wishing to interact with study and therapy, I have the opportunity to interact with more practitioners, far away suddenly close, each person is a picture of life, makes me feel that life is very loving. I feel that I am also much better, becoming more acquainted with "hightech" after the season thanks to the teaching and using tools on the online platform. COVID offers us a variety of different experiences, a measure of adaptation, a test of our internal balance, and each of us has received lessons and opportunities to mature after the pandemic.

Today's young people are very fond of the speaker profession because this profession trains confidence and the art of expression, did Julia receive this vocational training?

There were also many students who were inspired and wanted to be speakers to ask me about this. I have shared with you that the same is "speaking on stage" but MC and speaker have different characteristics and work characteristics. MC is the host of connection, leads by scenario available. And the speaker, who not only speaks according to the available scenario, but they themselves are the embodiment and living proof of what they are sharing, spreading and inspiring.

You must have, give the power to touch every person heart. So, before you become a speaker, live like a messenger of love. Be the ambassador of whatever inspiration is within you. You must constantly improve your quality to move forward on that journey. You must have the capacity to be willing to share and give away what you have been and is achieving, then people will come to learn from you. Have the audience call you "the speaker" before you even realize you are. Like my case, Julia Nguyen – dubbed by the community as "the speaker that awakens the femininity inside you", because I constantly learn to understand, love and practice femininity, share experiences, counseling, therapy, giving, anytime, anywhere.

As a speaker or not, it doesn't matter, live your life to the fullest. Be your own life ambassador, give it away to be loved, but let the flow of life guide you. Bless you on your journey to find your mission and life's destination.

Known to the Speaker, runnerup Julia Nguyen is also an emotional and energy healing consultant. In modern life, the more we struggle to make a living or try to assert ourselves, the more things that make us fear, stress, or become angry, angry … This negative contact?

First, let us admit that our fears, anger, or any negative emotions are not real, they all come from past experiences. Our minds tend to bring experience in the past to limited the new, create a hypothetical future, make us stress, fear, anger … Stuck in the past makes Our emotions freeze or explode, it hinders, destroys your happiness, destroys your peace and potential. Understanding the nature of fear, understanding anger and negative emotions will make us more alert, stop exaggerating the problem, you will be more calms and watch the emotional developments.

In a healing modality, instead of dealing with the current situation that is causing the negative emotion right now – the tip, I help the client go back to the past, at the moment when that emotion first formed – the root, to counteract, heal and transform. Breaking the limited belief built up from that memory, establishing a new belief from new understanding, new emotions, new energies with love, is how a four-level healing process works. At the end of the process, you are in a completely different state. From here, you will understand yourself, know what you need to do next, firmly from within and ready to go into the future without any fear, all negative emotions will be removed.

For example, you have a fear of judgment. It makes you pay attention to everyone's attitude, fear of criticism, assessment, fear of disagreeing with the majority … That fear is holding you back, making you uncomfortable to show off. It is okay to me, dare not change, dare not be different, too safe within the limits that people often agree on. The fear of unconscious judgment affects, dominates, and inhibits your growth. That fear makes you not free, makes you lose your creative inspiration, not be yourself, and it makes it impossible for you to be complete with the joy of life! In reality there are many other fears: fear of failure, fear of abandonment, fear of death …!

In healing, as a therapist, I will help you find memories the first time that fear arose, be able to touch memories from when you were very young, aid in emotional healing. Negativity comes from that memory at both the physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels. From there, you return to life with a completely different, more positive, balanced, open and happy mind, a whole new version of you in mind! Many people believe that this healing method is "miraculous" and "magical", in fact, this is a treatment method of applied science.

Thus, whenever you have negative emotions in your life, it is important to understand that it happens to remind you to turn inward, observe, understand yourself, transform emotions from the original problem, so that similar situations may continue to come, no longer disturb your peace. When you are fine inside, the outside world will be fine. You become relieved, confident, balanced, full and happy, adding a love of faith to life, this is the "miracle" that people often refer to when experiencing healing.

In modern life, there are many powerful and  commanding female generals and businesswomen in the marketplace, does the "awakening of femininity" make them weak, dependent and lose their success?

Let's first discuss how you are defining "success"? It is true that modern life has portrayed a successful woman when she is independent, self-controlled, has a high position in the organization, has a home, owns a luxury car, has large numbers In her bank account, so beautiful and many people admired …! That is really fascinating, and most see this as their destination in life, calling it success. Because most of us think, with all of that, we will be happy! So the core we need to look for is happiness, right? Whereas happiness is a natural state of feeling when we are born, it
is available within us, it's just that we are not aware that we are inside, so we have to run outside to search …

I have encountered most of the cases where the extremely excellent business women, they are exactly female generals and queens in the marketplace, all come and confide that, despite their success, they still have a lot of fear and fatigue, lonely, and do not know what happiness is, so just set yourself a higher and higher financial goal and see it as a purpose in life …!

Awakening the femininity does not mean turning you into "feminine beauty", but to help you awaken, recall the original beauty, the purity available to the feminine, to live as your very being. of the "negative" properties in the human universe. Acceptance, relax, soft, peaceful, surrendering, spontaneous, loving, nurturing, full of spontaneity … And awake, to touch the feelings of happiness in itself, clearly aware Are those goals, numbers and financial goals really happy, the end in life?!

From these experiences and realizations, you are still you, still returning to your material life, but no matter what job you do, in any title, you are doing it with your own joy. Re-established "old goals", towards balance from within. There is a balance, everything you do comes from joy, love, spontaneity, and sublimation. At this point, the financial goal is not for you to work hard to burn yourself, at all costs to manipulate and possess, but it is like a winning game! In a truly free position, you are no longer anxious or confused about your destination, because now you know you have Happiness and Success from within. Awaken the femininity, to find your own rhythm, harmonize with the symphony of life.

Thanks you Speaker Julia Nguyen, a beautiful, talented miss runner-up who is an inspirational role model for a full and prosperous woman from work to family, from soul to mind. Hope that the miss runnerup's sharing is spread more strongly in your next journey. Blessings to all who are known, listened to, shared and experienced the course as well
as being healed by the miss runnerup. Once again Thanks you.

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