Pride and Conviction

Many know her, other don’t. that does not seem to effect much to her decisions even to the way she express herself, a woman who born with the fiery attitude, complement by her radiant success on the field of business. She is Le Thi Tuyet.

Many times she heard the gossips fabricated by other around her miss match marriage that she declared between her and her young husband the talented singer Thai Huy. Sometime she stunted after being barrage by the judgmental thinking of the society that she must face. But after all that she continue with her life, a life of which she must face constant prejudice, from she was born to now, but she proved with her own strength determination and pride of a woman that has withstand the beating of life.

Meeting her for the first time, the scope of her working project shocked me. She is currently managing a life stock business activity and real estate providing from operational location to standard equipment for life stock business model in Vietnam.

She told us that most foreign business partner want to work in the field of raising life stock and plan to set up a factory in Vietnam all come to her for support and partnering because they are feel confidence and secured with the service and it’s quality that she provide for all her partners through all these years. “this is a very specific line of work, that is why once you are trust worthy, word travel very, otherwise it very hard to stay in business”, she confidently speak about her business’s strength throughout the years.


Doesn’t stop there, she also planning to expand to the business model of traveling and entertainment in Dalat city, with the project’s scale up to 24.000 m2 that she expect the first funding to reach over 200 billion Dong, to build every categories such as: amusement park, gym and spa. Which in that is: 100 rooms for athletes, 4 mini football stadiums, 1 volleyball field, 2 tennis fields, 1 multi task sport facility, service area such as: restaurant, wedding lounges, Café, theater, children play ground, 3d movie theater, event  locations… til now, her project is officially in the process of organize and active once it complete.

The amount of works sometime seem endless, but somehow she doesn’t seem to mind, continues to progress in her projects and managing two businesses at the same time. Her pride and experience allow her to walk confidently into the new adventure ahead. “before I start investing I calculate everything and will to take the risk ahead, that lead me to find supporters in the specific line of work, in order to cover what I lack…” she seem to have solved every equation? Personally I sensed that the inner pride of this woman allow her to never back down from a challenge and ran head first into every path she choose.

The true is every success has it price. Mrs. Tuyet is the prime example of that. It took me by surprise when she show me her journal full of tear because of the prejudice that society has place upon her through every pages. That enough to make me understand the strength within this woman, despite her soft and vulnerable outlook .

Can’t manage to contain her emotion, Mrs. Tuyet tearfully tell us her story of a kind hearted your girl, with love for nature and full of compassion for her family and neighbors. That is the story of 30 years ago in her hometown Thai Binh where she was born and raise happier than many other. Back when she was a kid her believed was took from the rich and give to the poor, for she would steal from her family and give to the poor around her. Her parent can only discipline her for they understood the reason of her actions.

But then fate has rob her fortune because the lies of stealing and prejudices against her by her sister in law. She told us that the in the countryside you live base on the point of view of the others, so despite her attempt of prove her innocent once she is deem a thief than she is a thief, her parent crumble under the society pressure lash out at her without reason. Her life was on the edge after a beating all because of a false claim from her sister in law. That wounded her through many years to come while being hated as a thief.

It was that moment her tear are dried out. Cannot stand the prejudices, the young girl waited for the moment to leave that darken place. Through many efforts, it is her time to leave, she takes everything she have and start her journey.

The path she took with no one to support cannot get any tougher. No matter how many times she felt she stood back up. Thanks to that she train her feet to stand taller each day. Only through more prejudices of the society against her for being a single mother after so many hardship from broken marriages that she begin to realize the value of her true self.

She still won’t stop sharing her success to other despite their hatred toward her. Its seem she was born to give without asking in return. All she ask for was someone to support her in life, that is when she met Thai Huy. This relationship to her is unexplainable for she only know to follow her heart. But once again she faced the prejudices against her marriage. However, all it did was giving her strength, the joy of living the way she wants to live, that is to live true to herself without afraid of the lies fabricated by society.

Now her family still take part in many positive activities both business and charity in order to support life and peoples. Singer Thai Huy is current working on many project in developing music and planning many musical entertainment activities both for himself and his wife at her latest project in Dalat.

There a saying “ a woman’s life is the a history of love” I once heard that somewhere and contemplate about it through various woman around me. They live for their love one, for their husbands, children with all their heart, even sacrifices themselves for such significant things. That is nothing short of what my life have been up to this point.

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