Nguyen Thi Hieu Trinh Yoga Ambassador In Dak Lak – Want to bring health to everyone

Nguyen Thi Hieu Trinh Yoga Ambassador In Dak Lak – Want to bring health to everyone

Meet and talk with Ms. Nguyen Thi Hieu Trinh, a nutritionist and beauty advisor, looking at her gentle appearance and humble personality, few people know this beautiful woman for more than 2 years because of Her loves for yoga she has been working hard, learn and practice to become a yoga instructor with the desire to bring health to everyone.

Hieu Trinh was born in 1973 in Hai Phong in a family of 5 sisters, of which Trinh is the eldest with 1 younger brother and 2 younger sisters. At the age of 20, Trinh got married and followed her husband to Dak Lak to live and work.

Gentle, outgoing and beautyloving, she started her business at the age of 22 and worked hard with her husband to build a happy home. She and her husband have 3 children, the children are grown and well. Dak Lak is a refreshing land all year round with lovely people. She loves this land very much, so now that her children are grown up, she wants to do something to contribute to embellish the city And the beauty of people. She focuses on beauty services. For her, health is the source of beauty, so she focuses on investing in health services for women and people who love beauty. In the first few weeks of this October, she is preparing to open the Golden Health Yoga – Golden Life club, she always wants to become a leader in her efforts to build good health. Now 47 years old, but she still works hard to have a good body and good health, she takes care and conscientiously teaches every yoga move to students in the class.

With her devotion, she was dubbed the friendly Yoga ambassador.

Hi, Hieu Trinh, as someone who devoted to the yoga industry, can you share with us some details of your successes?

Trinh's success is nothing great, Trinh just wants to be accompanied by customers and always feels that health is precious.

It is known that your yoga class is always crowded and everyone praises your yoga teaching style. What secret do you have, please share With us?

The secret is very simple. From the beginning, Trinh always recalls the word devotedly and always works hard, first for my health and physique, students see that and want to become like me.

Perhaps this has created the reputation of Trinh's work and is always trusted by customers.

Yoga profession takes a lot of time for students and is definitely not a leisurely job because nine people have ten ideas, Some people make efforts, some people don't make efforts!

Yes, this job is "working as a bride of a hundred families". But somehow Trinh still wanted to do it because i'm very passionate about beauty for women.

You are 47 years old but your figure and charisma are still beautiful and modern, can you share your secret?

Trinh practices yoga and uses health foods to detox and nourish my health. Trinh works in moderation, in the morning, at 4:30, Trinh teaches yoga, 7:30 goes to the sales company. Trinh always likes to learn and update all information so that she is always in tune with modern life, so as not to be out of date. Trinh supports women to be modern, welldressed, and know how to take care of their health. Trinh likes union activities and social work, but when she comes home, she is still a woman of the family, takes care of her husband and children, teaches and cares about her grandchildren. For Trinh, family is always number 1.

As a yoga ambassador, how do you feel about beauty care and fitness?

Everyone is proud if their woman – whether it's your daughter, or wife, or mother … is beautiful, healthy and young. As a woman, not only has the beauty on the outside but also needs to have a gentle and courageous inner beauty. Women need to exercise a sense of health and beauty.

Thank you for your time.


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