Ngan Nguyen – Gorgeous Ao Dai In Spring Collection

Ngan Nguyen – Gorgeous Ao Dai In Spring Collection

As a leader in the field of production and business with the famous Suhion eyelash brand, Miss Ngan Nguyen has been and continues to be successful with her career. Woman Global Spring 2021, together with us, as we meet the woman who is talented and transmits a positive energy to everyone.

Hello Miss Ngan Nguyen, how was the previous year to you and your business?

In the past 2020, the COVID epidemic has had a global impact; As an enterprise specializing in manufacturing and exporting, our company Suhion was also more or less affected. However, thanks to a solid foundation, Suhion still has the conditions to maintain normal operations, although the productivity is somewhat not as good as the years before. But in the past year we have also completed a very proud project, we have focused our time on completing the Suhion building – a great project that has been cherished and prepared for many years.

Our sincere congratulations. Will there be a lot of prosperous missions for your company in 2021?

We continue to be the leader and will further improve the product quality of Suhion's eyelash brand so that the brand is always worthy of the trust of customers.

Everyone who mentions Miss Ngan Nguyen is referring to the image of unique artistic ao dai, you must especially love ao dai?

Ao Dai is a cultural beauty of thousands of generations, making an unforgettable impression of the Vietnamese nation, a country with a creative cultural tradition to become a unique symbol of the beauty of the soul and cultural beauty. of Vietnamese women. Therefore, ao dai has always been an indispensable traditional costume of every Vietnamese woman, ao dai has also been honored many times in the international beauty arena.

I really like ao dai because I don't have any clothes that are both discreet and respectful of the woman's lines as well as her grace and elegance.

It is known that you are very busy with your business, but you also love art, you love fashion and also like concerts with your friends?

In my opinion, everyone's life is always busy, so no matter how busy they work, they should allocate time appropriately to balance their lives, learn how to trust and delegate work to someone they trust. to have more time for your hobbies. When I'm happy, I love life, work and life are lighter, smoother, more successful and more meaningful.

She is considered to be a very attentive person and when embarked on any one implementation.

What is the matter like taking a set of ao dai Xuan do carefully plan and see every detail of the idea and how to do it?

Right. I love delicate, perfect and creative things, I love hardworking and careful people, I love what is meticulous, thoughtful and dedicated. Doing business or doing art is the same, nothing is easy, it all has to be effort.

from all members taken. I like gorgeous, unique dresses. Over time, Vietnamese ao dai costumes have been more innovative than the familiar traditional designs. More and more Ao Dai designers are creating delicate Ao Dai with sophisticated and impressive lines but still retaining the essence of the traditional ao dai, helping the wearer to fully express its features. gentle but gorgeous.

As a business queen, I find I need to show respect and promote the value of the ao dai – the national dress. Going abroad, the image of Vietnamese women wearing ao dai is very beautiful and is of great significance in communication.

Thank you for your time. Wishing you and your whole family a happy and prosperous new year.

On behalf of Suhion, I also wish Global Women in 2021 more admiration and more success.