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MRS. TRAN THI THU HANG – The Allure Of Beauty and Humanistic Spirit

The year 2023 marked a shining year for businesswoman Tran Thi Thu Hang. At the Global Beauty Businesswoman Pageant held in Malaysia, Thu Hang was crowned Mrs. Beauty Queen for her graceful beauty and outstanding knowledge.

In the business world, Thu Hang has left a positive impression on friends, portraying herself as both a successful businesswoman and a happily married family person. She has achieved remarkable success in managing the Pacific Seafood Restaurant located at 98 Ho Ba Kien, Block 9, Quan Bau Ward, Vinh City, Nghe An. The restaurant boasts spacious surroundings with ample parking space. Designed with two floors, including an open area and private rooms, the first floor showcases a seafood tank filled with fresh shrimp, fish, and crabs. The expansive dining area is modern and well-ventilated, featuring specialties ranging from forest to sea, making the Pacific Seafood Restaurant an intriguing destination for every diner. Neatly arranged tables with earthy tones create a clean and cool atmosphere for each meal. In addition to the open space, both the first and second floors have large, fully-equipped rooms with air conditioning, capable of accommodating hundreds of guests, suitable for customer conferences and social gatherings. The restaurant’s food sources, from seafood to forest specialties, are guaranteed to be fresh, traceable, delicious, clean, and diverse, providing customers with a wide range of choices for their meals. The professional kitchen team and experienced service staff continuously enhance their skills to prepare delicious and innovative dishes, meeting the diverse demands of customers.

Beyond the restaurant business, she has also succeeded in investing in school equipment and ventured into the health and beauty sector, notably with the Hương Xô Aesthetic Specialty Clinic at 2 V.I. Le Nin, Hung Phuc, Vinh City, Nghe An. Customers trust this place due to its skilled and dedicated team of specialists. Thu Hang is an icon of beauty and talent, but her greatest success lies in valuing family. She proudly shares that her family, with her husband working in the electronics industry, serves as a strong support in both business and life. Despite the challenges of business in the marketplace, she maintains her roles as a caring mother and wife. Her eldest son is in his second year at Hanoi University of Science and Technology, her second daughter is completing her 11th-grade year, and her youngest child is 10 years old. 

With a harmonious blend of professional success and family happiness, Thu Hang is an ideal role model for young women, proving that women can excel in balancing work and family life. Grateful for the fortunate aspects of her life, she regularly engages in charitable activities, aiming to share with those less fortunate. The “Sending Love” program is one such charitable initiative organized by the Pacific Seafood Restaurant under her leadership.

Tran Thi Thu Hang serves as an inspiration for many young women, encouraging them to aspire not only to personal success and happiness but also to contribute to building a better society.

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