Mrs Lien Nguyen – Chairman of DMC Cosmetics Trading Joint Stock Company: The successful founder of Hydrotherapy GrandMoya SG-2000 in Vietnam

Entrepreneur Nguyen Thi Bich Lien is famous for her pioneering ways in applying technology to the beauty industry, including the Grandmoya SG-2000 Hydrotherapy technology, which is trusted by many peoples. Beauty Master Asia magazine has had an interview with her about these outstanding achievements that her company has achieved in resent time.

Since when did Lien Nguyen begin her journey in the beauty industry?
I started my business in 2004 in Hanoi. In the early years of my career I invested in the hair industry, I established a number of hair salons in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. My company's hair salons are always loved by customers because there are always highly skilled technicians and the products used in the salon are always high quality imported products from Korea, Japan and America.

After my career in the hair industry developed, I expanded my investments further into the field of cosmetics and spa.
I am a person who loves to find out the sources of great goods, advanced products for consumers. For each product I import, I put it on the market for customers to experience, sorted and then look for new products. On average, I bring a new product to the Vietnamese market every 2 years.

In addition to hair salon investment and cosmetic distribution investment, I also opened training centers to create skilled successors in the beauty industry. I opened Phuong Queen Training Center both in Hanoi and Saigon, that are attracting a lot of students.

What fate led Lien Nguyen to Grandmoya SG-2000 Hydrotherapy technology?

I am a person who loves to learn and apply new products and new technologies to my company's beauty facilities. 2 years ago, when the global beauty trend focused on health care, I took the time to learn beauty technologies follow such direction. Through research and selection, I came to know the device SG-2000 – Grandmoya Hydrotherapy. Realizing the effect of the device very clearly, I decided to invest in it to spread the value of the device to everyone. My company signed a contract to be the exclusive distributor of Grandmoya SG-2000 hydrotherapy machine in Vietnam. After only a few months of distribution, many customers actively came to the dealer to ask to buy the machine. And only a short time, so far, people have known about Grandmoya Hydrotherapy and have given a lot of praise for this technology.

How is this technology put into application? Through research and practical application, can Lien Nguyen tell the value of this technology?

Hydrotherapy is a method of using water with temperature, pressure, essential oils and mineral salts to affect the body in many different directions. Hydrotherapy has the effect of supporting the treatment of many diseases and eliminating toxins through the equipment of SG-2000 – Physiotherapy equipment that has been researched and manufactured at the German Academy of Hydrotherapy.

Grandmoya SG-2000 hydrotherapy, with its ozone concentration of 0.05 ppm, is suitable for human health. The main mechanism is to create clean oxygen, with an ozone concentration of 0.05ppm due to the structure of the machine that creates a lightning bolt which is beneficial to the health. The SG-2000 helps purify the air with many valuable health benefits. In particular, every minute, the SG-2000 machine creates millions of small water bubbles that collide to create an ultrasonic source of 80,000-100 thousand Hz. The SG-2000 machine not only helps users to deep clean, but during such immersion, the body is warm from deep within. SG-2000 machine helps to massage the whole body, helps blood circulation better, leading to better metabolism for the body…

Grandmoya SG-2000 hydrotherapy is not only a method to help people relax, but also a method of health care. That's why many people like to enjoy hydrotherapy after a stressful day at work.

The hydrotherapy device helps the body push out toxins through sweating. Ultrasonic hydrotherapy will help you reduce the risk of disease, improve health and improve quality of life.

This Grandmoya SG-2000 Hydrotherapy technology is the tool for excellent health care but is there any age limit?

Grandmoya SG-2000 Hydrotherapy has no age limit, babies who are bathed in Grandmoya SG-2000 Hydrotherapy will be healthier, have better metabolism and grow faster. Pregnant women can also take a hydrotherapy bath Grandmoya SG-2000. This hydrotherapy bath helps pregnant women circulate blood, eat better, sleep better and give birth easier. Grandmoya SG-2000 hydrotherapy is also beneficial for elderly peoples, the infrared energy, ozone, negative ions and water will help the elderly bones to relieve fatigue, better blood circulation, help them to eat well, sleep well. Even sick people should bathe with this method. The Grandmoya SG-2000 hydrotherapy machine can help the body stabilize, support the treatment and prevention of many diseases: Respiratory, high blood pressure, polio, spondylosis… According to medical study, there are 3 causes of disease, the worst blockage reasons. When the body is blocked, it will cause inflammation, stagnation that will cause to create disease. For this reason, hydrotherapy baths will help us circulate the blockages because according to the mechanism, the machine will emit small jets of water, these water jets impact the body creating waves that make the body vibrate. move, help blood circulation, open the meridians.

In the process of bathing in combination with hot water of 40 degrees, essential oils and mineral salts will help to make the skin rosy pink and beautiful. During the operation, the machine also secretes a small amount of young oxygen, combined with the impact waves to promote the body to excrete toxins through the skin. Therefore, just 15 minutes of bathing is equal to running km. We all know that when the body is exercised, it helps cure disease quicker and while it operating we have discovered that the machine has accidentally helped people to achieved that.

The second effect of the machine is to help warm up body temperature. When taking a bath, the machine will help heat up the body, that in that cause the hardening fat layers to dissolve. make the body heat up also help the body increase metabolism, clear the meridians, eliminate toxins from within and push them out through sweat and urine.

For those who often suffer from insomnia due to fatigue, stress, work relate issue …, the process of hydrotherapy bath will help you relax, relief stress and make us sleep better. That is why SG-2000 is likened to the god who supports the treatment of all diseases.

In which cities has Grandmoya SG-2000 hydrotherapy of Lien Nguyen company been present?

Due to direct distribution from the company and through agents, the Grandmoya SG-2000 hydrotherapy machines have been present in all area of the North, Central and South including: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and other major cities. This is a family friendly hydrotherapy machine, so customers love it because of its convenience. People do not need to go to the spa but can still enjoy the spa-like bathing method. Customers commented that when taking a hydrotherapy bath Grandmoya SG-2000, there is no need to massage anymore because millions of small bubbles collide with each other has achieved the same effect. Created a very effective source of ultrasonic massage for the body.

Looking at the frequency of your work, anyone can tell that Lien Nguyen is very active!

Yes, maybe due to my personality, I can't sit still, despite being in the time of epidemic, but my working day is still as normal as usual, waking up at 5:30 am, exercising and showering. Then I have breakfast and go to work at 7 o'clock. Although I don't go out, I still regularly meet online with agents and customers. Thanks to regular use of Grandmoya SG-2000 hydrotherapy, my health and working energy are still in top shape and is getting even better.

Looking back at the videos when Lien Nguyen trained and many pictures of you in your work and daily life a few years ago, everyone said that before, Lien Nguyen was overweight, looked unhealthy and older than now, was that weighted your mind in any way?

Why should I? I am very happy when I myself have found the Grandmoya SG-2000 hydrotherapy technology, this technology has helped me to lose weight, be healthier, younger and more energetic, more love of life. I believe, if I want to bring out a good product to the market, I have to experience it myself and get good results. Then customers just need to look at me, no need to advertise.

In today's life, people's health is seriously being affected by the environment, food… Therefore, having such a supportive treatment and prevention method is extremely valuable. And I believe that this will be a way to protect health for the future.

Does Lien Nguyen's husband work in the same industry as Lien Nguyen?

Yes, thank you for mention him. My husband also runs one of the group's companies. I consider myself very lucky to have my husband accompany and support me through a lot in my career.

Has the next generation of Lien Nguyen's family been able to support their parents' work?

My husband and I have 2 children. My eldest daughter was born in 1997 and my second son was born in 2007. We always teach our children to work hard, be creative, committed and always be wholehearted for the right cause. My husband and I believe that it is not necessary for children to follow their parents' profession and inherit their parents' career. If the children choose a field that they love and are capable of, my husband and I will both respect and encourage it.

Thank you Lien Nguyen  for this interview, we wish Bich Lien and her family with good health, wish Lien Nguyen's company continue succeed and prosper.

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