Mrs Globe Vietnam 2024 Ngoc Trang: A complete love for Vietnamese Fashion

Mrs Globe Vietnam 2024 Ngoc Trang: A complete love for Vietnamese Fashion

Not only does she put her passion for fashion into the ao dai, CEO Ngoc Trang (Mrs Globe Vietnam 2024) also aspires to bring the story of the national costume into inspiration and contribute her voice to the cause. preserving and preserving good ideas not only for the fashion industry but also the Vietnamese cultural identity.

Ngoc Trang – Honoring the value of Vietnamese women: Ngoc Trang Ao Dai is not simply a fashion brand, but it is a dream, dedication and achievement for the tireless assertion of self-worth. the beautiful and talented Miss Ngoc Trang (Nguyen Thi Dien). Therefore, she also wants to partly encourage and bring confidence to Vietnamese women to assert themselves. It’s never too late to try, to pursue your passion, to assert your talent and position.

When looking back on the past, Miss Ngoc Trang is modest: “Trang does not consider herself to be very successful in the fashion industry in Vietnam. Trang only knows that she is someone who is always persistent with her passion and pursues her dreams. Dream with the freshest and most sincere things. For Trang, the Heart in business is the most important thing, we must always put ourselves in the customer’s position to have the most authentic experience with the product, must always focus on to quality service even though it is the least profitable product group.” And if you want to fly far, you must have teammates. Honestly, I always feel lucky because I have colleagues who stand by my side in the most difficult times. So even though the road is long, I always see light waiting ahead because there are close comrades are like family next door.

With the expectation of bringing new values through the perspective of a young person entering the world of middle-aged and office fashion. From a famous fabric and fashion accessory trader throughout the South to establishing a fashion design company with a niche for middle-aged people, Miss Ngoc Trang also encountered many difficulties in integrating with the environment. new environment and working style. But the biggest difficulty to face is how to be free to be creative while still maintaining traditional standards so that consumers always love and trust Ngoc Trang brand products.

Ngoc Trang’s love for Vietnam’s national costume is always full and fresh. With standard aesthetic thinking for the middle-aged, intellectual class and with rich imagination, many years of experience in distributing fabrics and high-end fashion accessories, Miss Ngoc Trang always puts herself in charge. Must observe and learn to apply many new elements into ao dai design. She constantly introduces advanced tailoring techniques and new printing technology applications into the process so that making the ao dai still ensures craftsmanship but is sharper and more sophisticated, along with many materials. New, adjusted in cut shapes… are also researched and applied by her to enhance the diversity of designs and create more flexibility for each ao dai model bearing her name.

Sharing about her desire to develop the highend ao dai and evening gown brand Ngoc Trang in the future, Miss Mrs. Global Vietnam 2024 excitedly said: “Even though the ao dai has passed its period of prosperity and the business is The ao dai business may face many obstacles to maintain the profession, but as a designer and businessman, Trang always believes that the traditional ao dai still has an important position, appreciated by everyone. precious and always considered an irreplaceable treasure of the nation.

The biggest problem facing is not business efficiency, but the social community’s response to the ao dai. Although pursuing the traditional ao dai shape without overusing stylization, with the long-standing principles and secrets that Ngoc Trang ao dai always preserves, Trang believes that her products will still be “naturally effective”. Huong Huong” and contributed to bringing optimistic signals to the ao dai fashion business market. Every woman should try once to learn about the traditional ao dai and put on the graceful ao dai to feel the beauty, elegance and gentleness that no other dress model can bring.”

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