Mrs Akiko Nirei Rousse – Executive vice president of NIRE UPS INC – The ordinary life style of a Powerful Lady

Mrs Akiko Nirei Rousse, wife to the French Consulate Cooperation and Culture Attaché, Director of French Institute in HCMC , Jean – Phillipe Rousse, is a woman who always show her friendly and opened minded side to everyone, she especially leave a strong impression with every Vietnamese friends in every meeting at the French Consulates General Office.

This little woman with her elegant facial look, create a sense of calm and reassuring, make any topic more sincere at every diplomatic event. She live and exchanging culture in Vietnam with her husband for over 2 years. As her husband’s right hand Akiko easily connect with everyone through many values, in that, searching and understanding between each country’s differences and unique cultures is shared by her through the communication and business angle, because Akiko is currently managing her family and personal’s fashion business and trading projects.

Despite have to spend time to managing NIRE UPS INC., that provides consistent support services to companies who aim to broaden their business abroad, Akiko does not forget to enjoy everyday life with each precious moments she spend when arrive at another country while on her business trips with her husband and her two adorable sons.

Talking about interesting things when living in Vietnam, Akiko felt a clear realistic life difference from other big country like: French, Japanese, Korea… because of the culture and the life style of Vietnamese allow it’s peoples to freely communicate, no matter what that freedom is a good thing or a bad thing. She have no problem when travels down the crowded street, she can went in anywhere to enjoy Vietnamese Pho, a delicacy she is especially fond of. Tasting and eating every street foods in the most ordinary way possible…

Seeing her riding on her Bon Bon scooter on the street of Saigon like any ordinary maiden of the city, not many could recognize both her grand, importance international diplomatic role of Vietnam and in the current business activity. She absorbed herself in discovering every corners of Vietnam unique culture in her time living and working in Vietnam with her family. Thanks to everything on her journey in life, she gain more business projects for herself through introduce and show off every textile fabrics, Vietnamese unique culture fashion out into the world by commercial activity that she inherit through her family business.

Join us, the Global Woman in meeting this ordinary woman who possess “soft power” that many are admired.

Please tell our readers something about your background such as where you grew up, where you currently reside, or if you have another profession other than position now?
I was born in Japan between Japanese father and Korean mother, and grew up in Japan. I visited my Korean grand parents several times when I was little. But my journey started after my graduation of University. I lived in Seoul, Australia, Paris and currently in Saigon. I go to Tokyo almost every month for my work, and to Paris 3 times per year for work and vacation.

What inspired you to do your current job?
I used to work at contemporary art gallery in Japan which I loved very much. I currently work for 150 Japanese fashion designer brands, as their export managing company (shipping / logistic / communication / documents etc). I always respect the artists and creators, and get inspired from them. And I also have a new project in Vietnam, it’s sourcing luxury fashion items in Vietnam.

Can you tell us what challenges you encountered while working in this field?
I grew up in Japan but I sometimes am not like « Japanese ». I’m more direct than Japanese way and don’t like to compare with others. (rich or not / older or not etc…) But it’s not easy when I work Japanese clients, so it’s my challenge of today.

Who and/or what inspired or influenced you to work this field?
It’s our familly business. My father used to have a export company as well, so working in international field was always in my idea.

How do you feel about Vietnamese woman? Do you have some friend in here?
Yes I have some. I like their motivation and positive power, and beautiful smile !

Please share more information about your own lifestyle? Your opinion of life and family as a woman?
I’m 39 years old, and I’m enjoying very much « my life » even after marrige / kids. We’re woman who give the birth, it could be special and lucky but it’s sometimes hard to keep our own life, many things. I know the social system is still not ready for working women even in Japan today. So that’s why we need to organize well with our husband or partner. Don’t forget our originality.

Thanks and best regards!

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