Miss PAULA LAM – Gentle and proud heart

She is the Pageant Queen of Miss Global Entrepreneur Contest in Malaysia in 2018, she is admired by many and is the mother of three children, but Paula Lam still runs and develops The Nail Lounge & Palace Nail Spa into a popular location in the US. With a Beautifying reputation, Paula Lam makes anyone who enters this business dream become her. However, not many people know that, to have this position, Paula Lam had to go through difficult turning points and many years to find the way for the development of the business


Paula Lam was born in Binh Duong in 1986 and is the first child in the family with 3 sisters, after Paula is a younger sister and her younger brother is the youngest in the family.

Her parents work as regular salesmen, so their families and children are suffering from hardship to help their parents and study hard. The Paula family has lived in many places, and this has made Paula an extrovert, always friendly to everyone. From Binh Duong, because of work, Paula's parents took the Paula sisters to Buon Me Thuot for a while, but in 1995 the whole Paula family returned to live in Saigon. Since childhood, Paula has been a funny, hard-working girl, especially loves fashion and beauty. "Since childhood, I have dreamed of growing up to do something related to beauty or fashion. And now that my dream has come true, I have only one thing to do: to make it more beautiful and gorgeous. more beautiful !"said Paula.

At 20, Paula married and moved to the United States. Having been a hairdresser and makeup artist in Vietnam, Paula chose to work as a nail artist to start work on American soil. Here, all have to learn again from the beginning, learning to work and learning English at the same time. Her dream is not only good at the profession but also good at managing to run a business, which makes Paula devoted to studying and working almost no time to rest. A work day for Paula sometimes lasts from early morning to late night. That time was also the time Paula was pregnant with her first child. Sometimes when the works is busy, with so many customers and have to work  continuously, sometimes it making Paula forget that she is pregnant. It was hard, but Paula did not dare to call her parents because they were afraid of her parents worry. It is so hard but she understands that she is building her career with the first bricks so how can she be relaxed. She worked with the mind, to endure hardship, all difficulties will pass, success will come. Perhaps because she is the eldest in the family, Paula soon matured with such an independent and brave personality.

Paula's youth also faced the challenge of her first marriage when she was unlucky to not have a fully happy marriage. When the marriage ended, she raised children alone in a foreign land with many worries about her life, sometimes weakened, missing her father, missing her mother, missing the younger siblings, she wanted to return to her homeland, but once yet again she was determined to stay with the United States because she did not want to be ashamed of being weak and frustrated later.

Going through difficult trials, now life has smiled and given Paula gifts of achievement, her parents have come to America to live with her and her children. She also found the right half of her life. Now, a beautiful, brave Paula Lam continues to go hand in hand with success.


For Paula, though life is arduous, we always have an optimistic view, always smiling to overcome difficulties, because overcome difficulties in smiles is better than overcome difficulties in tears or anger. Life is always beautiful, so "the most wasteful day in life is the day we don't laugh."

Paula is always optimistic, so she sees her blessed when life gives her the opportunity to realize and develop her dreams. She has evolved from zero to success, which is very proud. Another luck is that she met her second husband, after all the trauma and broken in the past, her husband loves and treasures her and is a great support to help her find the sublimation in life and career. "His job is to invest in building a shop and selling, he is very active, does not like to sit in one place. He pampered his wife and children extremely well" Paula happily mentioned her husband.

No matter how successful her career, for Paula, family is still the most important thing. Every day she wakes up at 6am to take care of her children, take them to school, then go home to work out and work online because in addition to running a nail salon, Paula also runs an online business via Amazon , I just introduce products and sales and packaging and shipping, the Amazon side takes care of all ..

Which virtues are the advantages of Paula?

I like people who stay up late, generally I like hard work. I also often care and help others, sometimes too enthusiastically or putting love in the wrong place so many times I also cause myself disadvantages or sadness, but I do not regret it because I think, every human being who comes to me in this life is due to his predestined debts, his loss is a little due to his predestined debts, sometimes thanks to his disadvantage, I understand many good things in life.

What is the life of Paula and her parents in the US? There must be many interesting things to tell ?

My parents are only 58 years old, the living environment here is good so they are very happy with their children and grandchildren. Although in the US, my family still keeps the Vietnamese tradition, children have to be respected to their parents, still keep the tradition of being sparse, and the family members should love each other.

Remember the days when my parents were still in Vietnam, I ate something delicious, I also remembered my parents, I always expect them to come here to enjoy themselves. And finally my parents came here to live with their children and grandchildren, and my sister also came to America, so it was so happy to tell. In Vietnam, only my younger brother currently lives in Saigon. In the US, having parents to live with is unrivaled, my children have grandparents, so I am well-mannered, polite, and children are taken care of by my grandparents, so I also have more free time for work.

Has the pandemic affect Paula's business?

Yes. Because I still had to open a shop, but my customers didn't have any workers because the workers were off, they were fine because the government had supported them with unemployment benefits, but I was very difficult. But then I calmed myself down to calmly overcome difficulties and no complaints because I thought that the disease would affect the whole world, not just me. Every day try a little, life will gradually be good.