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MISS JOLIE THO NGUYEN Founder & C.E.O of Milcah Cosmetic Brand – Living beautiful to success

Miss Kindness Jolie Tho Nguyen – A successful woman in the beauty industry, famous for the New Gem Beauty academy and recently the high-end cosmetic brand MILCAH also founded and operated by her. All services and products in Jolie Tho Nguyen's company system are always highly appreciated and trusted by customers. There have been many articles written about the success of Jolie Tho Nguyen, so in this article, we just want to write a small corner of her fashion style and her personal outlook of only wishes to bring beauty to everyone by her hard work.


Elegant and attractive style in everyday life, Jolie Tho Nguyen always makes the opposite person flutter because of the gentle look in her eyes, the delicate outfits and the open heart towards the community.

Tho Nguyen loves minimalist fashion style. She often uses neutral colors for her outfits. Although simplicity is at the forefront, the delicate cuts and elegant design are always focused on by her.

Tho Nguyen has a slim body that makes any girl dream of, but she does not abuse too revealing clothes. She very cleverly shows off her figure with delicate designs. Tho Nguyen also rarely wears flashy accessories.

In daily life, Tho Nguyen is thrifty and never arbitrarily makes negative comments about others. This personality of hers is respected and admired by many people. If you only meet a couple of times in business or communication, it is easy to mistake Tho Nguyen for a difficult person, but in fact she is a person with principles and respect for principles.


Meeting Tho Nguyen again after a long time of separation due to the epidemic, we had conversations about daily life with Tho Nguyen's perspective so simple and optimistic.

The epidemic hindered business, but Tho knew how to take advantage of that time to be with her mother and family. What thoughts do you have with so much time with your family?

Life always has ups and downs that everyone has to face. The past pandemic has swept us into a cycle of down, each person will respond to this cycle of life in their own way. For me, this is the time when I live the happiest and warmest, I get to be with my mother to take care of her, after many years I have lived away from her and busy with work, now I can slow down and rest. resting with my family, being able to fulfill my responsibility as a daughter. I am so happy.

Has Tho's business now returned to normal? What are you focusing on the most?

After the pandemic happened, my business is gradually stabilizing, I hope in the next year our work will thrive again. I always put my faith in my passions. In my opinion, let's just be passionate and work for the benefit of others and then success will come, I believe – if you’re strong, nothing can keep you down.

I'm focusing on my upcoming plans for a special skin care line for everyone,everyone always prioritizes and cares about the health and beauty of the skin so we focus on a special acne skin care product called Nutrients for skin- Milcah Cosmetic.

 " I always remind myself, as a woman, in any situation, you must always know how to take care of your beauty. "

Tho, cab you tell us some of your favorite things from the past year?

In the past year, in terms of work, I have constantly create new jobs even during the difficult time of the epidemic. And things are gradually stabilizing and prospering.

Regarding family, I spent a lot of time taking care of my mother and children. It is gratifying that I have turned a bad thing into a good thing, turned the time apart into an opportunity to rest, relax with my family,talk with my mother every day, see the trees and beautiful scenery of my hometown every day. in the morning, in the evening, to be with the children, spend time instructing, spend time playing with the children. Having time to take care of each favorite dish for the children.

With my current life, I am very happy and satisfied.

After the epidemic passed, what did the Tho conclude?

The pandemic has shown us many things that money can't buy, health, the most precious thing is health. The pandemic also shows us impermanence in life, so let's always cherish our present life and always share and live honestly with each other.

What does Tho do to keep the spirit of optimism, health and beauty?

I always remind myself, as a woman, in any situation, you must always know how to take care of your beauty. Being able to work, be creative and spend time with my loved ones makes my spirit always optimistic. Serenity also helps me stay healthy and love this life. My view is that beauty always shines from the heart. At work, too, I just try to do my best with a clear mind, everything will go smoothly. My secret is that if you want to keep an optimistic spirit, keep being healthy and beautiful,keep your mind balanced and clear, don't expect too much or worry. Just work hard and follow all natural processes, happiness and success will come.

Jolie Tho Nguyen, you invested and launched a very successful cosmetic brand Milcah in 2019, Can you talk a little bit about this success?

We want to bring customers proactive beauty care and maintenance solutions. It was this desire that matched our common need that we now succeeded. Today's tastes and consumption patterns have also changed, it is not necessary to always go to the beauty salon, especially during the recent epidemic, everyone wants to take care of their skin and beauty at home proactively.

Thank you Tho, wish Tho a happy new year, wish all of Tho's family and company good health and prosperity