Miss Business Woman throughout the ages Ms. WAVE THI HONG VAN – A calm mind for an everlasting beauty

The warm ray of sunlight from the corner of Saigon pass through the window’s glass and shine on her hair, brighten her smile more gloriously. The woman with precise, calmly movement give you a sense of relax when talking with her. The conversation with her become even more personal and engaging when you feel a genuine honest from how she share her story about her tough time then overcome it, eventually built a perfect life that not many can match.

She shared a lot about how life pushing her around endlessly leading her to many close calls, loss of direction and wandering alone against all odds. That time was many decades ago, when her patient and endurance as a single mother has not stood the test of time and the harsh condition of life. “that time, when facing challenges of life, it hard to not feel down, especially when your kids fell ill, you are all you have but you still have to push through…” she still cannot forget the days alone in America with 3 of her children.

With the duty of a father and the role of a mother all place upon her shoulder. Ms. Van still shows her unrivaled dedication for her kids. She told us that everyday working multiple jobs from construction worker to table waitress… in order to take care of her children. “there was times I was so tired but thinking of them, all I can do was to keep on working. My life back then has only one purpose that was my children…” her mind wander as she remembered.

Maybe to other they doesn’t understand what hardship a single mother been through, how hard they have to how everything together, how strong they have to be… every single one of us have to hold our own weight. That Ms. Van has to endure it truly a testament of her strength.

“Us woman are very strength, no matter how hard things are, we endure it all from physical to psychological, there are time you think you can’t continue because of the broken parts from within your heart. But fortunately I have my children to fill the gap of my inside…” after everything they have many contemplations about their life, that help them guiding their live much more wisely. “now, after everything have pass, I have the courage to forget about the pain of the past, I somehow feel clarity, no long to I feel misery life I once was”.

To her, her children are the motivation to keep living and making sacrifice till today. But god never fail those with kindness, her heart grown stronger the day see met the man of her life. She begin to realize that fate has smile upon her, but doubt surround her for her fear of the past haunted her once more, she cannot open herself for this love so easily. “it was his determination and love that won me over and my children help me to open my heart and receive love one more time”. We congratulated her for make peace with happiness. After years of endure and loss. She is truly live peacefully by her children, taking care of them and her husband who always by her side and encourage her to take part in social activities and meeting with her friends.

Not many will know the price she paid for such happiness. Even so, she remain satisfy with her small happiness “a woman happiness is to see her children grown and to have someone by their side, understand them and to find joy from the simplest of thing”.

That much has given her a huge among of energy, from within her small and strong figure that has pass it 60s years mark. Only after received the tittle 2018 Miss Business Woman through the Ages, in an interview from a show that she was happily take part in recently, that she begin to share about how she keep her figure in shape and how her beauty shine through her warm, gentle smile of a kind heart woman. “I suppose that it is effort of changing yourself, push away all pain in order to receive life and follow the teaching of Buddha to feel inner peace has help me to live positive and fill with love for life.”