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Mimi Võ – The New Brand Ambassador of PROTO-COL Vietnam

In January 2024, the health and beauty brand Protocol Vietnam have appointed a new Brand Ambassador MiMi Võ, a second-year law student in London. Mimi Võ is a biracial individual with Vietnamese and English heritage. Her father, of Vietnamese descent, is a doctor and professor working at the Royal hospital in Kent – United Kingdom, while her English mother was a nurse with many years of experience in the healthcare industry. Since childhood, Mimi Võ has been cared for in terms of health and beauty, following very high standards that prioritize respecting natural beauty and considering health and beauty care as an inside-out process with reputable products.

Lan Coles, the representative for Proto-col Vietnam, stated that Mimi Võ meets the criteria that align with the values and image of the brand. Mimi Võ was chosen to represent the values that the brand aims to convey, emphasizing that nurturing the skin should start from a young age and always promoting natural beauty. The younger generation should avoid injecting fillers at too young an age, as it can harm both health and beauty. It is advised not to hastily use products with unclear origins just because they are inexpensive. Young people need to be conscious of sustainable beauty practices, understanding that caring for health and beauty is a long-term journey. This representative face accurately reflects the trends and messages of the Proto-col brand.


Proto-col is a leading collagen brand in the United Kingdom, manufactured by the On Group, based in Bradfordon-Avon. Currently, LCUK is the exclusive importer and distributor of Proto-col collagen products in the Vietnamese market.

Renowned for its beauty care product lines and entirely natural cosmetics, Proto-col products are produced using the most advanced collagen technology. Proto-col collagen stimulates the natural production of collagen in the body, reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and combating signs of aging to achieve firm, healthy, and radiant skin.

According to James Greenwell, the CEO of Proto-col UK: “Protocol collagen is one of the top brands in the UK with the most advanced manufacturing technology to produce safe and proven effective products when used according to instructions. The product is now available in over 30 countries worldwide. After four years in the Vietnamese market, Proto-col collagen has affirmed its value for consumers. Since July 2019, LCUK has officially imported and exclusively distributed Protocol collagen in the Vietnamese market.”

Currently in Vietnam, Proto-col collagen has two product lines:
Dietary supplements: Three types of collagen, sun protection capsules, various nutritional products for heart and gut health, hormonal balance products for women, and more.
Cosmetics: A comprehensive set of products for the care and treatment of all skin types.


One of the key figures responsible for bringing the Proto-col beauty brand to Vietnam is entrepreneur Lan Coles. Lan Coles possesses extensive knowledge of the beauty industry, with a profound understanding
of beauty trends, outstanding products in the market, and customer needs. This deep understanding has
enabled Lan Coles to carefully select and distribute the Proto-col product line in the Vietnamese market.

Obtaining quality and reputable products like Proto-col for Vietnam was no easy feat. With a background in reputable marketing, Lan Coles maintained international relationships with wellknown cosmetic brands. These relationships not only facilitated her access to high-quality products but also enhanced the brand’s credibility in entering a new market.

Proto-col, being a premium brand, required innovative marketing strategies. Lan Coles, as the director, implemented effective advertising campaigns and positive customer interactions to create awareness of the products and brand. The selection of a representative face with youthfulness and natural beauty criteria is also part of an advertising campaign with practical messages for the younger generation.

As an English-Vietnamese individual, Lan Coles possesses knowledge of consumer culture and the local market. She understands the unique characteristics of the Vietnamese market, cultural trends, beauty preferences, and customer demands. This understanding contributed significantly to her success in product distribution.

Lan Coles’ insights also serve as a solid foundation for her commitments to the company’s product quality. She believes that distributors must ensure that imported and distributed products meet safety and efficacy standards. Lan Coles plays a crucial role not only in bringing high-quality products closer to Vietnamese customers but also in shaping new beauty trends and raising awareness of beauty within the community.

In the near future, LCUK plans to introduce a new line of products that focus on balancing the skin’s ecosystem and internal gut care. This decision stems from the increasing number of young people experiencing skin issues, and the company aims to provide products that promote healing from within.

Entrepreneur Lan Coles emphasized that Protocol collagen is exclusively imported and distributed by LCUK in Vietnam. All products undergo quality testing by the Ministry of Health and feature anticounterfeit labels issued by the Anti-Counterfeit Center. To avoid using counterfeit products, customers are advised to thoroughly check the origin and source of the products before usage. As professional distributors, their commitment is to provide consumers with safe products, contributing to healthcare and beauty for people in the wonderful country of Vietnam.