Millionaire woman IRENE HOANG – Dreams and marvelous missions

Well-Known for being the pioneer and achieved numerous success in business. Being a business woman with who famous for her life style and always interact with the top business people in the world, but despite all that she always stay friendly and doing her works to do good in order to help woman everywhere, last September, she was honor among top 10 business woman with heart, look and talent. We manage to have an interview with her after this special occasion.

Can you share with us the creation and the spirit that always came first to your mind in business and what are your achievements from such a pioneer’s conviction?

Ever since I started , in 1987 when I was 17 years old, I have choose for myself that is making women beautiful will be I true calling. My mother always tell me that “a woman must know how to look good, eat smart and always remember that the basic things such as teeth or hair is the fundamental of who you are”. My career was always been about women, ever since the beginning to now, everything I do is about helping women everywhere learn how to take care of their look and health, given them a better vision for their image, make them feel more confidence about their look both outside and inside.

Vision is the most important thing in working to me. I’m always spent time to go to other country to expand my vision… from the few first years I have already focus on become a hair stylish. In 2000 I built my first chain hair salons. Then I move my focus to body training and cosmetic for women. Spend a lot of time on travel I understand that women nowadays play an important role in the family and society. Not only does women have a lot of work to take care of they also must look after their family, because of that what they need most Is some time to relax, therefore I went and bravely open my chain of Spa Salons.

In 2006, I bumped in to a health problem. All I can thing about in those days was even if you have all the success and beauty in the world, what does it matter if you don’t have health? And in that time, I realize that Vietnamese women spend so much time worry about their career and family that they forgot to look after their own well-being. In 2013 when project Happy Live Pro come my vision has already become farther, from this project I realize that all that matter is health. That is why I focus in changing their wait of thought, helping them understand what is happiness to a woman really is.

I have receive many award, I received the golden hand award for best in women beauty, I received the award for the must dedicate business woman of Vietnam, the award for most contribute in changing woman point of view. But my biggest prize is help contribute to women at a whole. And most recent, in 2016 I receive the grand award that is the Millionaire Business Woman and become one of eight Female millionaire of Asia in the business of helping other and in March of 2017 in Philippine I accept my Award for the most successful business woman with the highest income in Network Marketing and this is also the first international award for a Vietnamese In this category. 

Can you share with us a few things about your family, your parents, brothers, sisters, children and your love for them? 

You can say that my whole life is all about building happiness for my love ones. Ever since I was young, when I have my first child… I understand the responsibility of a mother is to take care of her young and provide them with the best in life. I always tell myself: “my child deserves the best”… i now have three children, two sons and a girl. My eldest son is 24, my youngest son is 18 and my little girl is now 5. They are all the most beautiful and most intelligent things in the world to me. With my big family, I feel that I am so fortunate to have them in my life. My parents have 5 children, am the second child in the family, my family love each other very much, even though we don’t have the time to be with each other. Being far apart but we always helping one another with all that we can. Nothing is more important than your own flesh and blood. We may be difference in our way of thinking but we love each other because we were born from the same woman.

I love my parents. When I have my own family and business, I have very little time for them. But when I join Happy Life project, I realize how important it was the time I spend with them. Now I always think that if I don’t spend time with them now than when? If I remember that my father love Japanese food then I immediately took him or when I wake up in the morning I take them out for breakfast as soon as I can. I love my mother very much, my mother is my role model in my heart.

She the one that teach me how to write and read. She taught me the importance of exercise and how to swim, it also importance to know your way around the kitchen. She taught me to have compassion for the less fortunate and be kind even to those who incapable of return my kindness. My mother was always the one who are tough on me, when I was 6 she took to learn exercise and put me in a very strict school with rules in order for me to learn disciplines.

Now I understand that thank to those tough love that I make me the strong woman I am today. My parent teach me how to be independent, how to be brave and stand back up after every fall. That is why no matter how hard I fall or how tough life get I can always be strong and face it.

When I was 17 and starting my own business, my mother taught me to take care of other. Back then when I first start out, I help other as much as I can, those who came from far away, without money, no job experience, I help them by take them under my wings. Give them job. In 24 years of working in the field of fashion business, I have help a lot of people who are struggling find a job, many of my employees raising family thanks to me. My mother taught me that charity is something you can do at any given days, it not something you can only do when you have the chance.

Have you ever stumbled? How did you face it and get through it?

You cannot avoid being stumble in life. In my life I consider failure to be a stop, a slowdown. I realize that some time hardship is a present in disguise, that it is life give us something so valuable that we only see it when we get through it.

My mother is the one giving me all the advised. Even when she is gone, every time I have problem, I just close my eyes, remember her, I can feel that she is giving me strength to move onward.

To me, a successful person is someone you has fail a lot. That is why went you fail it not a sign for you to stop it only a sign that thing have not go your way just yet. So am i. But whenever I fall I stood back up and picking up the pieces of my previous failure and learn from it, become stronger and move even further than before.

What is your opinion on woman beauty and how do you take care of your look by yourself?

To me a woman beauty is her how she look both in and outside – that is the confidence – the loving heart for everyone. A beautiful woman is someone who is strong In life but always soft with every touch. True beauty never show on the outside, it the inside of her soul and mind that radiance such beauty. To me there is no woman without beauty, you only have difference beauty from each other.

As for my look, it only the basic what truly matter is my health, because look will fade through the years, but your health is what will keep you alive and happy to enjoy every moment of it.

I love beauty and always take care of myself in all body, soul and mind. I work out regularly and eating healthy to keep my look and health at top shape.

Did you know everyone give you a nickname which is “adorably cold”? can you guest why such nickname?

I didn’t even know I have such cute nickname. I don’t know ether but I guess it because I am like two persons when am at work. I’m always demand 100% in everything. But am also look at life positively. I work with absolute focus, maybe that to someone I seem cold. But that work. Outside the office I’m always fun loving open heart some time even childish. Outside my strong attitude my heart is very fragile and need of protection. I need shed tear under pressure but when it came to emotional issue I very easy to tear up.

As someone with many connections, you must have a lot of friends, what do you think about friendship in life?

I cherish it. The world have 7 billion peoples in it, to have someone as friend than it must be fate. Friendship to me is something you hold on until the day you past away. Even when it hurt I still treasure it, only then do both they and you all treasure it.

What is your philosophy in business?

The difference between one and two are almost nothing. If you one to make it big, first you must complete yourself. Only then does your company be as perfect as you.

What is your hobby? What is your least favorite thing in life and business?

I like book, beautiful music that I and my love one like. I like to see movies with my children a one that is my favorite hobby is to help other. What I hate most is lie.

I love sport, swimming but it bad for your skin and dry your hair so my favorite would be work out, especially lifting weights. After every muscle pain I see that my body changing and what it took to gain such beauty in your body.

When am stressed out I do boxing, it good to relieve your stress out on something.

What are your strong points and what is your plans for the future?

What make me stand out is that when you turn right I turn left and I’m right. My choices may sometime displeased somebody but I trust my instinct because to me, if someone success as something than so can i.

My future project will be something difference entirely that is build a facility for both health care and technology. As I said before I will choose a business that can help many other. My new creation will be a whole new experience in Vietnam.

My latest project will help bring people close to both health care and technology which are two of the most trendy thing right now. Beside that there will be a special system that will help prevent children kidnapping.

This business will be built on the foundation of the 4.0 technology that will help many business especially woman to create their online business and make better income from the comfort of their own home with simple device such as their phone or ipad. This technology will also help many other peoples improve their help and income. This opportunity is what I love, because this is the global trend that will let me help everyone – that is my destiny.

Thanks you for your time. Once again it is being a pleasure talking to someone as interesting as you are. We wish you health and happiness and the best of luck for your passion my mission in life.


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