MAI BICH HANH ENTERPRISE – Elegant Fashion Style

MAI BICH HANH ENTERPRISE – Elegant Fashion Style

In addition to business success, Mai Bich Hanh is also a businesswoman with a elegant fashion style that matches her personality. In this businesswoman, there is always a hint of classic, but still radiant with style because of her simplicity, comfort, her easy going attitude and has a very strong charm when exuding elegance.

Looking at you wearing a Cambodian costume that is very suitable and very skillful like the one you usually wears, this must have a familiar meaning?

Correct. Cambodia is my second home. I was born in Cambodia

You has the eyes and thick eyelashes that are typical of Cambodians, and although you is very successful now, in you lifestyle you still has a genuine Cambodian simplicity. So not only was you born in Cambodia, but it seems that you are also Cambodian?

Thank you, that’s right. My great-grandfather is Cambodian.


It is known that you does a lot of volunteer work in the countryside with difficult circumstances in Cambodia and also in Vietnam, you also donates to the three jewels to build temples in these places!

Maybe this enthusiasm mostly stems from when I was young I was adopted by the temple, so when I was born, the temple was still a home for me to return to after the chaos of life. I always share with the unfortunate lives. It is not that I am rich, but more than anyone else, I myself have been in extreme hardship, I have
suffered contempt and almost isolated because of poverty. Therefore, I deeply understand this feeling, so I always give the sharing to those in difficult circumstances, because I know this sharing is a source of encouragement and confidence for the less fortunate help them overcome difficulties when they receive the
warmth of humanity, not because of the gift.

When you first started developing the Cambodian market, which areas did you focus on the most in that market?

I focus most on delivering rubber seedlings through Cambodia to companies specializing in rubber plantations.
And I bought durian trees to bring back to sell in Vietnam (at that time it was very expensive in Viet Nam, whereas in Cambodia it was very cheap and plentiful).

It is known that every Cambodian New Year, you come back to enjoy the Tet atmosphere there?

Mid-April every year is the Cambodian New Year and also the New Year in many countries such as Thailand and Laos. In Vietnam, there are also some provinces such as Tra Vinh, Soc Trang, Bac Lieu… Khmer people still keep that custom called Chol Chnam Thmay Tet, which in Vietnamese is called Tet Bearing Age, in Thailand If it will be a water festival, Cambodia will be a ceremony to add 1 year old. These holidays in Cambodia are fun.

Do you have any special events coming up?

In the near future, I am also fortunate to be invited by the Miss Island Pearls program to accompany the position of an honorary guest to award the contestant, I feel very happy and thank Global Women magazine for the invitation to accompany. I thank the magazine.

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