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Le Trinh – The energetic connection that makes success

The character of the year chosen by Global Women to take part in Interview this time is Le Trinh – Director of My Trinh Van Advertising and Media Company (MTV) specializing in printing, designing, and organizing events, communication and booking news and articles for newspapers and tourism. We have the opportunity to meet her again – an energetic, positive woman who is enthusiastic about connecting people in her business as well as association and society.

Anywhere you look you sees her energy. She makes meetings with partners exciting, motivates employees​ She connects everyone through gentle sharing and sincere connection. From loving and admiring her, her employees
come to love the company more, partners also believe in her management ability.

From her behavior and social relations, we see that identity is also an important condition for success.

When the name MTV company became familiar to everyone, it was when the long story about businesswoman Le Trinh’s journey bringing smiles and simple satisfaction to everyone was successful.

Le Trinh has been working in advertising and printing for 18 years. That among of years show the love of customers for her. Thanks to good service and quality, customers always trust and increase each year. The strength of the company is thanks to the dedicated staff working with a sense of responsibility, always keeping the prestige of the company, always upholding customers' requirements, always keeping credit, printing right, delivering enough paper quantity for printing products and regular after-sales with customer care promotions to create free consulting services and communication channels to support customers when coming to work with us, give out the best ideas to help customers succeed in the fields of communication, printing, event organization …

Le Trinh is loved by everyone, she always brings good energy to everyone. Le Trinh often shared: 'I am the person who always works hard, when I do something, whether successful or failed, I also do my best, I play hard, work hard, when friends I need my help, I am as conscientious as my own job. As a member of the Board of Directors of the Ho Chi Minh City Businesswomen Association (Hawee) and member of the Communication Committee, my mission is to connect new members to the association's members with an intellectual playground where Commodity exchange with each other, the association is where women help each other in business as well as help each other in raising children … Share experiences in everyday life and advise women to beauty and more confidence in the eyes of family members.

Le Trinh has a very satisfied life with her small family and 2 daughters, the oldest is 26 years old and the youngest is in the second year of university. Although busy with company work and social work, Le Trinh He is a very complete person with a small family as well as with a large family on both sides of his mother's parents.

Le Trinh still keeps the habit of walking 10 thousand steps a day, still keeping the habit of eager to learn, attending all the courses that are beneficial to her personality and work, even if it's just online. And Le Trinh still kept the same working rhythm as always because of her love of helping people, loving connecting and sharing difficulties, creating more energy for everyone.

With the new year 2021 has arrive, what was last year for Le Trinh and the company?

Last year was a difficult year of epidemic diseases, but my company still works well because I have successfully applied online work to the company's employees. When there are orders, the staff of my company can still flexibly handle work and complete products for customers in the best way.

To me, "work is passion" and "business is creative". I am satisfied with what I try, satisfied with the successes that I have achieved in the past time, but not so satisfied, I still mind and am focusing a lot on building and developing. The relationship with clients, in my opinion, makes my business career also smoother and more favorable.

In the new year, what new jobs does your company have and what is new to expected?

In the near future, MTV will expand the P2P affiliate model to advise and support branding strategy through brand recognition, promote technology 4.0 to develop online, offline, online sales channels and apply. Business through digital management with formula 1 + 1 helps businesses consume less energy and achieve more.

Has your business philosophy changed?

I still keep the philosophy: "tomorrow must be better than today", my life is very happy with my husband and two lovely daughters.

Want to succeed beyond talent, what is the key factor? Passion? Persistence? Gifted?

There are 5 success factors: passion, perseverance, courage, goal and victory. Success is not natural, but we have to plan, complete strategies and fulfill our goals.

I love to learn to update my perfection, I still take intensive training courses for Leader with skills in business management, so I joined Quantum Leap and Actioncoach courses. to improve my knowledge to help me have the best solutions and handling situations for my business.

On the occasion of the coming spring, on behalf of the officers and employees of MTV Media and Advertising Company would like to send to women in the City Business Women Association. Ho Chi Minh City (Hawee), the National Women's Entrepreneur Clubs, our customers, partners near and far, and your friends and family's dearest people with New Year wishes:


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