Lan Coles – CEO of BCP Field Marketing Company: The one who made the mark of cosmetics PROTO -COL and EYESENTIAL

Lan Coles grew up in England, she is a branding expert for manufacturers. Her BCP Field Marketing company in the United Kingdom was voted one of the top five media companies by the honor of THE GROCER magazine. In the early 2013, she conquered the Vietnamese market with the British brand PROTO -COL skin care brand, and within a short time PROTO – COL became the leading beauty and health care product of the market in Vietnam.

Not stopping there, in 2017, she continued to prepare for the market launch with a new cosmetic brand in early 2019 with many good promises because now her name has become a guarantee for the world's leading quality and prestige brands. We had an interview with her before the most anticipated cosmetic product launch in the news year.

Through careful preparation and through your high appreciation of the upcoming product, will this new brand have many advantages to the market? Can you share something about this?

Each brand when it is brought to the market by BCP Field Marketing, whether in the UK or in Vietnam, must be implemented by the rules set by the company to ensure the safety for both, manufacturers and consumers. Therefore, it is my responsibility – an investor and a brand-oriented specialist to examine the market carefully and above all the prestige quality of the brand must be chosen first, the company's motto is to never work with poor quality brands. I am happy to once again be chosen as the exclusive importer and distributor for a No. 1 brand in the UK during those 25 years of EYESENTIAL brand. I am sure this brand will bring satisfaction, pleasure and absolute health safety within 1 minute – 25 years standing No. 1 in the to consumers in Vietnam – a market that requires a lot of genuine and top brands. The brand EYESENTIAL is 50 years old. The advantages that this brand has are:

– Continuously praised by top newspapers: Vogue, Hello, Health and Beauty magazine, etc. ..

– Famous Hollywood star users: Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Cate Blancett etc.

– British brand produced in the United Kingdom

– Certified by FDA.

The development of a brand new brand for the market is not a simple thing, is it possible that you have a very hard preparation?

Yes, everything must be carefully prepared with a proposal between investors and manufacturers as the first step for professional cooperation, cooperation is not only a short time but I have to thinking about the future history of that brand in the Vietnamese market, so professional ethics is to always be complied with in each project, insight and smart decisions to be made to protecting the name of the famous brand in a chaotic market spreading fake and knockoff products, doing this is the same time the company is carrying out its mission: protecting consumers. I can be confident and say, my company is always ready to face every challenge because in each stage of the project has been carefully prepared in every ways.

The success of PROTO-COL is also a good motivation for you to invest more in this market, right?

That's right, when you understand what consumers need as well as know the changes in the market, investors like me will know what need to do and how to invest properly and what best to invest into.

Being in the UK, everything is in line with the standard market management, working in a market that is very active and has not yet achieved strict management, so how did you get your products to not mixed with poor quality goods to protect consumers and protect reputation and quality for brands?

Recalling the early days when I returned to Vietnam, I still remember very well, at that time I was in the period of "Early retirement" but, when I saw the chaos in the Vietnamese market, I was eager to start working immediately, I want to share my experiences, want consumers and manufacturers to be protected, product display images must be within the most standard framework, protect genuine brands in Vietnam Simply put, with the motto that must protect consumers, the company has decided not to distribute goods to all dealers, through which consumers in Vietnam can safely use it. PROTO- COL brand and company can control goods before reaching consumers. Alongwiththismotto,thecompany has brought great success to many brands and BCP Field Marketing has been voted TOP 5 companies that orient and develop brands by "The Grocer" magazine in United Kingdom I will continue to work with this style of business "consumer protection is place head first".

With that time, experience the Vietnamese market, have you ever failed? If so, how did you face and overcome?

During the nearly 5 years of living and working in Vietnam, I have encountered many difficulties at the beginning when I started working, but those difficulties are just mental challenges, I I feel lucky because I am a person who does not like to give up and always keeps moving forward, I try to maintain a lucid market recognition and keep the rules of a market researcher, For me, these challenges are life experiences and telling myself if I want to be successful I must do everything to be able to survive in an unstable market.

You are a humble person but to succeed, one must have had some special advantages. So what is your most special advantage?

This is the second time I've been lucky and I'm happy to be with Global Woman magazine, thank you as well as the readers who are still loving and following me, maybe my luck is to be born in a family that is not rich so that i understand the hardship, experiencing all the ups and downs in life to know how to live a good life is essential.

Can you tell me the best thing about yourself in the past year? What are the achievements in business, in personal branding or satisfactory of family achievement this year?

2018 has just closed with lots of joy. My greatest joy is still living and working in my homeland. The joy of double knowing that PROTO- COL brand has brought a lot of joy and happiness to Vietnamese families in every part of the country. It’s just kept getting happier and happier is to receive respect from partners and every day is desirable and invited by many leading brands to cooperate with the company.

What are your upcoming work plans?

In addition to continuing the success of the PROTO-COL brand, I am planning for projects that the EYESENTIAL brand needs to perform before and after launch in Vietnam.

Well, I forgot an important job and that is I will take the time to go and explore places I have never been in Vietnam. This job will be great. My 2019 will be very busy but will be interesting.

Thank you, we wish you always happy, healthy, always be fortunate and successful.