LAN COLES C.E.O of LCUK Sophisticated and elegant

LAN COLES C.E.O of LCUK Sophisticated and elegant

As a British-Vietnamese businesswoman, for the past 10 years, Lan Coles – Founder and CEO of LCUK company has contributed to Vietnam market a famous British cosmetic brand that the LCUK company distributes exclusively. Proto-col brand is a line of product specializes in anti-aging cosmetics and high-end health care functional foods.


Born in a family whose mother is a business savvy and a kindhearted person, Lan Coles received a good education since childhood. Lan Coles soon showed a talent for languages Born in a family whose mother is a business savvy and and diplomacy. Thanks to these 2 plus points, she soon shined and succeeded in her career. In her youth, Lan Coles had the opportunity to work and travel around Europe, she has achieved many successes in work as well as cultivated a civilized standard lifestyle.

Lan Coles' fashion style clearly reveals her personality. Not possessing a voluptuous body, but it is her small body combined with exquisite fashion sense that makes Lan Coles have her very own version of a pure beauty.

It seems that knowing her discreet dominance, Lan Coles always has a very stylish way of dressing.

Creating a stylish outfit is not an easy task. Lan Coles, more than anyone else, understands the basic principles of mixing and matching outfits to enhance the figure and skin in the most effective way, the right color scheme as well as the emphasis in the overall set. Once we were able to visit her charming and luxurious home, "examine" her extremely rich but elegant and exquisite wardrobe, we understood more and more the reason she wore the clothes that she does. It's all so stylish.

With Lan Coles in addition to cleverly designed high-end dresses, she often prefers comfortable sportswear such as jeans and a white shirt, but delicately selected, so she looks very attractive.


Proto-col is one of the UK's leading brands in skin care support products, cosmetics and nutritional support products with more than 10 years of existence and development. Protocol is the world leader in collagen hydrolysis and our collagen capsules have always been the first choice for anti-aging support for men and women worldwide.

A big brand was brought into distribution by the talent of a dedicated and skilled businesswoman in the Vietnamese market, so the Proto-col brand is increasingly spread by the quality of products and the reputation of the distributor. LCUK's staff is well-trained, dedicated and professional to take care of customers to take care of the health and beauty of women more and more beautiful.

Proto-col products have now become a leading health gift for women. Not only business consumers, office workers but also artists in the Vietnamese entertainment industry also use Proto-col products as a way to maintain their beauty to shine in public.

In addition to anti-aging cosmetics, health care functional foods, LCUK company also distributes many very good products that are well received and trusted by customers. The two hottest products today are Collagen Proto-col and endogenous sunscreen pills…


Lan Coles makes women realize that when a woman has a beautiful soul and an open heart to love, that beauty will fill all weaknesses in her body.

Lan Coles is a combination of many lovely aspects, she works hard, is determined to the point of being difficult but is easily forgiving, in the face of disadvantaged situations. She is very upset when she hears a rude word, but is also very sociable and can patiently listen to every gibberish word of a child. Lan Coles appreciates people with a polite, tasteful and understanding lifestyle. Business is good, but she is always inclined to spiritual values, and always believes in karma..

Lan Coles is a person who loves and takes care of the lives of her employees. During the last long epidemic, she still paid her salary and cared about every difficulty of each employee. Recently, Lan Coles has also spent money and effort to help those in need, where the poor or the elderly are alone in difficulty during the epidemic.


Although the epidemic has caused many obstacles to the livelihood of many businesses, the goods and services of LCUK company are still fully satisfied for customers. So the company must have prepared the online sales very well? In addition, what other factors make the work still flow so well?

In order for LCUK to overcome many difficulties at any time, it is thanks to the company way of strictly implements and applies the company's regulations from the first days when it comes to the Vietnamese market that is absolute consumer protection, including all of the following requirements:

– Product quality must meet 100% standards according to the process of Proto-col UK required.
– Reasonable price.
– Taking care of customers with style: Mind and virtue always support customers as soon as possible without having to wait long for customers.
– The motto of the company that has made a name in Vietnam is that LCUK company not only sells products but also sells satisfaction.

I am very happy and honored to see that the Proto-col brand has been making certain contributions to the absolute safety of consumers' health in Vietnam during this Covid-19 epidemic.

It is known that for many months the epidemic caused employees to stop working like every other company, but Lan still did not cut staff, still paid employees' salaries and benefits with a caring spirit like a family?

Yes, that's right, the only person who receives less or does not receive any salary at all will probably be me but not my employees. The reason why LCUK company is successful is because of the enthusiastic contribution of time, energy as well as brand protection from the company's employees, so they must be treated kindly and they really deserve it.

Can you tell me some of the best things that Lan has done for herself and her family in the past year?

Yes, the most satisfying thing is that when going through a period of the Covid-19 epidemic, I had the opportunity to slow down, slow down to control myself, the things that are and aren't. Thereby, I promise myself to spend more time with my family and share material and spiritual to places that need help. Looking back today, I feel that I have received so much luck and happiness, the happiest is when I know that I have been a bridge so that many people out there can get more food and help during this difficult time.

In the last days of this year, in the atmosphere of Christmas and New Year, does Lan suffer from homesickness for England?

Early this morning, looking at the foggy and cold Saigon sky, hearing the church bells, I missed home and missed my brothers and sisters and loved ones, but my tears faded. Everyone in my family can also guess my feelings these days, but "Lan is a crybaby " has always been a sentence that my family often teases me.

What does Lan usually do at such times?

I will make a cup of tea and sit in the small garden of the terrace to relax in silence, spend time with myself and my family, not in a hurry, slow down… ponder this life with many happiness "received and given".

Thank you Lan, wish Lan always healthy, always happy and successful.