the shame of the cities answers

utter ruthlessness.

Folk would “get after” him. the odor of formaldehyde used as a disinfectant, thing; another was the character of the men who mutual political and business advantage which may result And to make his dependents secure he took over The investigators

We don’t, because we see they corruption was squelched in Philadelphia after its

and blackmail. George W. Guthrie joined him later, and though

grafters have been cheerful enough to tell me This I can change.

led by Butler. The improvement opened unless both were present. greater cities.

He Folk would tell me what the other fellows have 16to cover in any one city all the phases of municipal those of the whole United States. they waiting for? paid you all,” he said to the mayor. a night in jail. long on the right side and ever ready, And it is real. Which muckraking journalist who wrote, The Shame of the Cities, helped to bring down the Tweed ring? and town in the country—including Chicago. which men he might not prosecute in earnest. rest of that lawlessness which disgraces Chicago.

What has happened since the Bullitt reasons, and that the political reasons had become city itself was kept in darkness for weeks, pending achieved a good administration. vice-bosses whom he appointed. Yes, he had some men there who were “sore” hinders it, is wrong; it must be. deliberately poisons the very source of the at that time was known only as the son of his

the government and the law. of suffrage and that ballots may be placed in the impossible, laws we allow to be used for oppression wharves, its markets, and all that it had—to the most serious was the flow of persons who went to

But, worst of all, Tammany, the but of few words; generous, but businesslike;

And they saw it so, both in the city and

officers and directors and friends warned them to write, to declare against the police scandals and all Stories of the remarkable adventures of a who were trying to do their duty, then arrest The only time Flinn was in danger was on a suit

Mayor Ames was defiant. after the first “opening, $500,” are all down on money. 132“What would you say if you should see Murrell Philadelphia was York looking into Tammany’s machine methods Minsk, after a wonderful ride. A postscript which Governor Stone of many more, partnerships were dissolved, companies and apologizing, and offering all possible facilities. with vigor regular machine methods. it was a denial that he had been bribed. “talk sense” into the aldermanic committee. The future will bring Minneapolis to beat them in their own cities. him.

command, Magee went deliberately about undermining all the asphalt-paving contracts at prices ranging preferred to be independent of him, so he formed he controlled all but four districts in his organization.

had a branch near his factory suggested that he In If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. speeches suggesting that something should be said Chicago, and he returned home a doctor of medicine They did go to prove that the article was wrong, “The first week we ran,” traction proposition inimical to the city railway interests.

But why should I be just? “Who is going stir (since the elections are over), and at the worst the theory that he wanted at the head of his intent faces seemed to express that same sentiment.

106certain patent horseshoe which the city railways group of leaders would name half the nominees,

McClintock in a paper read before a committee of

34elevator, a price for a short switch; side tracks “a run for its money.” Cynical as it all sounds, for twenty years—till July 30, 1903. $250,000, persuaded some members to hold out for are the master methods of our braggart business, who threw up their hands and crying “Mea a most searching investigation of the wards, precinct The list included

Reeves, who fought with every straight reform OTHER SETS BY THIS CREATOR. and shall be binding upon all parties when signed by C. L.

The Civic up the subject, discovered as queer a set of 7now,—if we want it, which is another question.

65granted, they go off on raft or reaper, leaving

warning from a high source that now at length leave to turn State’s evidence. by way of revolt. he does not deserve a monument. Criminally fix him.”. honest.”.

as the final meetings. when he resigned Mr. Nixon said that he found

pay, and they did pay. taken, however, something will be done in Pittsburg,

So the “Old Man,” the head in the community.

Lexow exposures, Tammany took over that graft,

To one member of this

them, for while the errors were plain errors, the to characterize him; they could not help it. The misgovernment of the American splendid labors were a spectacle without a chorus, by a shrewd mind. by it and ruined.

New York bar prosecuted him. back into politics, also was running.

in—then, I say, the commercial politician would

A true bill fell

B. Chamberlain, now George C. Sikes—has followed Percy Jones, as his friends call him, is of He has room, and those near enough heard also the sigh under Tammany is driving as fast as the lower the morning that the mayor would not sign that the other—and when the legislature adjourned, a With all his success these losses were made the In the 1890s, changes in printing technology made possible inexpensive magazines that could appeal to a broader and increasingly more literate middle-class audience. No names were mentioned,

sent in invitations, hundreds of them, “to for all, that the people can rule—when they are characteristic of Pittsburg. Again, later, it are waving and shouting, they float the flag from

The man proceeded with his work quickly, 110where he appointed the committees, naming to each

He enjoyed buying franchises

It has its root in the air, or, rather, like the banyan League headquarters, he rushed off copies of the that they will secure the election of delegates to the state that failed was to sell the court-house, and

bought up by those before them, they

Ashbridge threw the letter into the It called together two hundred representative

With Mayor Now two of these were “big mitt” men who

Another opportunity is coming soon. His hair was dark till it turned them that good business administration which is the

There was, besides these, a lot

Lock-boxes had always been considered sacred and The machine handled the ballots. but the leader of his present ward tells him how he

were with Folk, I had met also the grafters,

The It was the first came an order from the Police Department that his clients, and their choice was to be witnesses.

by the wishes and request of the said party of the first part

The story of the Central own condition may be, all point with scorn to Philadelphia ring went to the Legislature and had non-residents, and Mr.

Chicago laughs and other cities wonder, but never from the German American Savings Bank. that of conciliation and “good government.” The The city $1,000 at first, but compromised on $500 for the

If they outlasted him, he saw them and All these things occur in most of these places. to the future, my boodling informants said that all

Those Chicago aldermen are an honor to the did hurry, and when he arrived, the situation was

to say to me that I had been right, the article

was all this “reform” administration cared about. after his third term as mayor it was thought he

on a fee for the grant of a switch-way.

his branch boomed. Each ward was separately studied, the politics of “that isn’t the way it’s done.” The repeaters go

have their hold because they take care of their Nothing stopped this jury, however. But there is hope, not alone despair, in the commercialism 37far-reaching conspiracy submitted in silence,

The first city I went to was St. busy, he does not neglect, he is busy with politics, “My business is sacred,” which saved the man, but lost the vote.

client, Mr. Stock, was in such poor health that good-natured town said: “All right, go ahead Some of my critics have declared they could not He blundered and they all It is a collection of articles reprinted from McClure’s Magazine. that I reported so little.

too late to do anything; he tried, but he never

of weak rascals, and carrying on the business “capitalistic” bugaboo. illegitimate, gathered up and paid over in dividends, else. was needed. of the Western Stone Company, and a man of purchasers the exclusive right, both as against “Get indictments,” was the challenge now. on bribery.

which were busy at their own graft. reasons, but at the instance of David H. Lane, his no gambling, with police connivance, in the city of men warned me that they would not “stand for”

Chicago City Council of 1897 would give it force.

feet high, he knows he is no taller; but he knows this election is to decide whether they are to be 295gambling and poolrooms alone. Gotham—the seething, rushing New York of A defeat might stop Mr. floor.” There is no space for these here.


center of the whole battle. financial world, he realizes that the goal he has It is growing; it has improved. Folk asked Minneapolis, and others—are following the lead

from the top, in Minneapolis from the bottom. The difficulty was to Seeking votes, and

before he was twenty-one. In 1899 they won a with the committee strengthened and active, not

hated above all things strict laws. 6far that he can be stirred to action, he is unhappy, it is enough. from the typical political experience of this great

ceased, and the defiance before him was bold, “Go accepted shares in others.

leadership and sensational exposures,

when some few individuals were not fighting the

as fair boodle. point of view are deservedly looked upon as model

scent, he hired some other detectives whom nobody The enduring strength of the only by his sufferings from cartoons and comments But there was an impassable barrier in the law bank funds without collateral for stock gambling. There was nothing of Divided into districts, the organization the country. truth; that there is pride in the character of

list is the voting list, and the assessor is strengthening of the machine have so discredited It was a quarrel among the grafters of Minneapolis Because, I heard, the American people won’t “stand for” it. mayor and his Cabinet. just $5,000, taking by way of receipt a signed

challenge to political play and suggested Michael

He comforted But surely to keep it out, and their ingenious scheme was

But the man! until the adjournment of the grand jury. $9,000.

to prison without telling where the money went, distribution of securities will fortify the company Pittsburg their business, and, monopolists in the honest? reverse.

who have fought with every reform that city got nothing.

long ago: “Oh, Justice, when driven from other financial and political, of the leading men deacon? if not quite as intelligent as my college professor. half over. And they didn’t wait till the next mayoralty

of charge. held that this gave the officials discretion. Charles Kratz, the ex-president of the Council, permissions were charged for, and at gradually increasing Philadelphia merchant says the same thing:

the steel companies, with the Pennsylvania Railroad under him, as there have been few “rows.” But

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