should i buy furniture with prop 65 warning

Prop 65 came about from a growing concern that many chemicals may cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

The list now has about 900 toxins and carcinogens on it. That’s too many to list here, but here’s a sneak peak at just a few of the chemicals on the Prop 65 list: Want to see what else is on the list of Prop 65 chemicals known for causing cancer or developmental, birth defects, and reproductive harm? Do people steer away from furniture with this warning? This makes it hard to know what you’re really buying — especially if the item you’ve bought has a Proposition 65 warning label on it. When the Proposition 65 labels started appearing just about everywhere by the end of the 1980s, a public health scare flourished. What about my luggage is potentially so dangerous that it deserves a Prop 65 birth defect and cancer warning in the first place? Stephen Kam, director of advertising at Smith Corona, a printing company that sells compliance labels, says the company’s seen an increase in requests since the August 2018 change. Proposition 65 is managed by the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, which is part of the California Environmental Protection Agency. As a result, many companies simply choose not to do business in California. Awareness raised by Prop 65 led Coke to change its use of 4-MEI, a potential carcinogen found in some caramel coloring. California is required to update the list of harmful chemicals annually. After testing 10 thermoses, we found the Zojirushi Stainless Steel Food Jar to be the best for storing hot lunches. Wirecutter is reader-supported.

You could get the same alarming label on potato chips (acrylamide), chemotherapy (uracil mustard), lumber (wood dust), or toxic runoff (arsenic). If you see a label and would like to understand more, reach out to the company’s customer service to find out what the chemicals in question are, and look up information about their risks from an organization you trust. But at least I have more knowledge about what’s in the products I’m buying — giving me a better ability to understand what everyday items may be potentially problematic to my health and inspiring me to find safer, cleaner alternatives.

It now extends far beyond drinking water, though.

A lot of Wirecutter readers have recently noticed alarming labels on things they’ve bought online, warning against cancer and birth defects. In August 2018, new OEHHA regulations took effect, requiring websites that sell products that qualify for the warning to include these labels. Isn’t it weird that things that are health hazards in California are not so anywhere else on the face of the planet? Prop 65 warning labels highlighting the risk of cancer, reproductive harm, and birth defects are popping up on so many of the products I’m buying these days.

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