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All Rights Reserved. The first Classic Whitehall Spirit®, the 14’ model, was designed in 1985 by Harold Aune based on lines obtained from Mystic Seaport Museum in Newport, Rhode Island. The Westcoast 11.6 has an “untucked” full transom rather than the “wineglass” shape of a Whitehall. Owners love these boats because they are a pleasure to row in calm water, right at home in wind and waves, and are built to last generations. The Minto 9 is often enjoyed as a cottage boat on a lake. The next time you see a lifeguard boat on the beach, thank the Van Duyne family for providing quality safety for over 60 years. The Solo 14 and Tango 17 are now the two most popular boats sold by Whitehall Rowing and Sail. It is CE certified and US Coast Guard approved. The Classic Whitehall Spirit® Tyee 14 is an exact replica of the original Ned Painter boat built with a lapstrake styled fiberglass hull and impeccable teak woodwork. Boat has sat out for a number of years, and has depreciated accordingly. Lifeguard is the Official Janitorial & Restaurant Supplies Partner of the Vegas Golden Knights. Inspection: Most items offered for sale are used and may contain defects not immediately detectable. They used to go out on the back bays to hunt for ducks on boats made out of cedarwood. The sliding seat rowing unit is easily and quickly removable to revert it to a fixed seat rowboat that performs the roles of the traditional model of this boat. Alternatively, you can call to discuss your options, especially if you are unsure about what Whitehall boat model you are interested in. This means this boat can float in as little as 6” or 15cm of water with the centerboard and rudder raised. Auction Start Date: 07/16/14 9:00 AM ET Email: Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. Year 1975 . Two rowing stations enable a choice of rowing position depending on the load aboard. Our Surf Dory meets all specifications of the United States Lifesaving Association and the National Doryman's Association (NDA). For John and Sam though, this was a challenge that they were determined to overcome, as they knew that their design would greatly improve the quality of local beach patrol. Complete information and pricing at: West Coast 11.6 Slide Seat Sculling Rowboat Model. The West Coast 11.6 sailing model is a thing of joy that many owners say is more fun to sail than a sailboat many times its size. We are located in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia Canada on the Pacific side of North America. If you are looking for a small rescue boat ideally suited for small lakes and ponds, this is the right choice. It is hand-rubbed with three coats of our special outdoor oil – teak does not require varnish finish. The Buyer will make all arrangements and perform all work necessary, including packing, loading and transportation of the property. Complete information and pricing at: White Spirit® 17 Double Slide Seat Sculling Rowboat.

No Assistance will be provided. Originally the Whitehall style rowboat was designed for quick transportation of people and not bulky heavy cargo, which means they were sleek and fast. It features a pivoting solid bronze kick-up centerboard and teak kick-up rudder.

Whitehall boats are perfect for people to learn how to sail and row. Must be removed and paid for 5 days from the closing of the auction. These abilities have made it a favorite lifeguard rowboat for over 20 years. Complete information and pricing at: Whitehall Spirit® Tyee 14 Fishing Guideboat Model. Please contact Ronald Simone at (609) 522-2030 x - 1260 or e-mail: to schedule an inspection or for any questions. - 192 pieces per case. If you call outside of our normal business hours of 9am-5pm Monday to Friday and get our message machine, please let us know the best time and way to reach you. They had a mold made of the Seabright Skiff, the wooden lifeguard boat, and they instead cast it in fiberglass. The traditional Classic Whitehall Spirit® Tyee 14 rowing model easily carries three or four adults and is fitted with three fixed seats and two on-the-gunnel oar traditional positions.

The Van Duyne family is still the only family in South Jersey that makes the boats suitable for local lifeguards. At a distance, the sail rig gives the appearance of an elegant gaff rigger although the sail rig is much simpler, making it far easier and fun to sail. The Whitehall Spirit® Tyee14 Slide Seat Sculling Model adds a fitness sculling component to this versatile rowboat. They are fitness machines par excellence, treasured by owners who row for the fitness benefits as well as pleasure but have no time or desire for maintenance of their boats.

While some prefer to row alone, many think it’s fun to have companionship while out rowing, plus the power of two rowers stroking together is quite noticeable. The traditional rowboat version is fitted with standard fixed seats and regular oars. 17' VAN DYNE.

John and Sam Van Duyne tried and failed for some time to get their new and improved design in the hands of local beach patrol. Superior stability gives anyone new to rowing the opportunity to learn a proper rowing stroke with zero chance of flipping over, a common risk when learning to row in a skinny rowing shell type of boat. These are impeccably built boats that appeal to people with a spirit of adventure and particularly those who love being outside on the water in fresh clean air. Complete information and pricing on both of these models at: Whitehall Spirit® Solo 14 & Tango 17 Slide Seat Rowboat Models. Many owners report it’s perfect for teaching themselves how to sail or teaching their kids or grandkids how to sail and row, along with introducing them to boat handling skills. The Minto 9’ dinghy is the smallest of Whitehall Spirit® boat line. They were called ‘Bicycles of the Sea’ and used for pleasure rowing, as well as workboats, such as police harbor patrol boats, water taxis, pilot boats, and were popular as race boats. 1-15 of 3,518. *WAYNE ROOT SPECIAL* - 6 Bottles 16 oz Hand Sanitizer + 6 packs of 50 Alcohol Wipes, Hand Sanitizer 2 oz. Please see the contact below to schedule an inspection. For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. It has also been used extensively as a lifeguard patrol rowboat. Van Dyne Lifeguard Boat 1991 . $105,000 . Built-in buoyancy makes it virtually unsinkable. Whether you enjoy a vibrant nightlife, calm peaceful mornings on the boardwalk, walking out the door of your vacation home right onto the beach, enjoying the amusements with family and friends or exploring the history of your adopted seaside town, there is a beach somewhere just right for you. The Westcoast 11.6 rowboat was designed by Rudy Kirmshe in 1971. No major holes, minimal patch work, oar locks have been removed.

Coast Guard Boat Boats for sale. The boats looked wooden but the functionality was so much better than wood.

Both are available in three versions; traditional rowing, slide seat rowing, and sailing models, or a combination of all three versions in one boat. A daily storage fee of $10.00 may be charged for any item not removed within the 10 business days allowed and stated on the Buyer’s Certificate. Copyright © 2020, GovDeals, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Whitehall Spirit® line includes three other rowboat designs that are not pure historic Whitehall designs; the Tyee 14, the West Coast 11.6 and the Minto 9, that share Whitehall characteristics but are uniquely specialized. This is a good way to begin the process. At that time, wooden boats were being made in Atlantic CIty for the lifeguards, but the Van Duyne team knew that it could be improved. |, Standard Sailing Rowboat w/ Optional Slide Seats, Standard Sailing Rowboat with Optional Slide Seat, Whitehall Spirit® Minto 9’ Dinghy, Tender, Pond Boat, Whitehall Spirit® Rowboats – The Complete Collection, Whitehall Spirit® 17 Traditional Rowboat Model, White Spirit® 17 Double Slide Seat Sculling Rowboat, History of the whitehall Tyee Fishing Rowboat, A Century Old and Rowing Strong, Whitehall Spirit® Tyee 14 Fishing Guideboat Model, Whitehall Spirit® Tyee 14 Traditional Rowboat, Whitehall Spirit® Tyee 14 Slide Seat Sculling Model, West Coast 11.6 Slide Seat Sculling Rowboat Model, CHEK Upside: Victoria rowboat business sees record year amidst pandemic, Classic Whitehall Spirit® Minto 9’ Dinghy, Tender, Pond Boat – custom order blue hull colour. What you might not know is that most of those boats are being strategically and specifically built by a local Ventnor family, the Van Duyne Family. These are safe stable boats that provide rowers the opportunity to row any time of day, in flat calm water, or in moderate wind and waves. Be sure to check out the sailing version of this model shown below that adds even greater versatility to this boat. A three pronged approach to keeping the world safe. The Westcoast 11.6 can row in conditions that are much too rough for a racing scull or even an open water shell.

LIFEGUARD, a leading manufacturer of hand sanitizer, wipes, and more, has now extended their operation & distribution to accommodate the needs of all business nationwide.

Classic Whitehall Spirit® models are built in two sizes, a 14’ model and a 17’ model. Complete information and pricing at: Whitehall Spirit® Tyee 14 Traditional Rowboat. A rare offering. Sailing Classic Whitehall Spirit® Models feature standing lug sail rigs that are super easy to handle and look like a traditional gaff rig.

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