ikea lamp switch broken

Target lamp base + Ikea lamp shade. This lampshade is attached like an umbrella shade over the bulb. Excellent! I then took it to my local hardware store where the more knowledgeable hardware guy was able to get me a suitable replacement 3-way lamp switch.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. For those reading this, if your Kulla light is no longer working, please do not throw it. Remove the shade, bulb and wire shade support and unscrew plastic ring under the bulb. For those reading this, if your Kulla light is no longer working, please do not throw it. Push the socket far down enough into the bottom shell so that you can screw on the top half of the shell. They were still solid lamps and the first step was to change out the bulbs. I just cut off the original one, stripped a bit of wire and crimped a smaller one on to fit over the fitting of the touch post. I kept looking at the parts they had at the home centers before I actually tore the lamp down further. It was not easy at first but I have photos on my blog for your reference. The lamp should cycle through the various dimmer settings. 1. My IKEA lamp inexplicably stopped working. Several tutorials suggest replacing the switch as a fix, claiming the switch is not openable. Open but don’t discard the black plastic housing. Open one side by about 1cm, then switch to the other size to fully open the swtich. If your favorite lamp no longer comes on when you turn the switch, or comes on and then goes off again, you don't have to throw it out and buy a new one. We were thinking about bringing it to get completely rewired but I am not sure they will know what to do with it.

Holding the halves together, place the top assembly back onto the lamp post and screw it back on. Well, time to write off the lamp as a disposable or fix it so it is no longer a potential fire hazard. To replace your lamp switch, unplug the lamp and remove the light bulb and lamp shade. that’s great rebecca, good job! IKEA Lamp Hack Rismon Map Lampshade – Pillarboxblue. I knew the plastic switch knob could be unscrewed.

This has to be one of the easiest and cheapest Ikea lighting transformations and it looks really good too. (Think G it wasnt any demons . More by the author: This all started out with the lampshades on a pair of old IKEA floor lamps that were looking kinda ratty.

LED 3-way bulbs are still relatively expensive, about 20 USD each but produces a much better quality light, instant full brightness, doesn't throw off heat, rated for a zillion hours of use and won't put off a toxic cloud of mercury if you happen to break a compact fluorescent bulb(yes, I have broken one or two CFLs while working on the house). I only saw the wire routed in there and figured you wouldn't be sticking a screwdriver or allen key in there to detach the socket. Actually at this point there should be nothing exposed that could cause a shock. You may need to put all your weight into it. The replacement module is $10 at Lowe’s (online or brick & mortar), ***UNPLUG THE LAMP FROM THE WALL FIRST!***. One day, it just didn’t turn on.

Some of the older ones have problems where they start flickering or stop working entirely. Wind the wire around the screw clockwise so when you screw down, the screw really grabs the wire and draws it in. Several tutorials suggest replacing the switch as a fix, claiming the switch is not openable. My lamp just died today. 5. Protect the switch with a cloth for example if using pliers. Thank god I found this blog. You’re bound to find something to inspire you. Applying this may extend the life of the switch. Unfortunately its gray housing is slightly too bulky to fit into Kulla’s skull. Hi Confused (from December 10, 2012 6:21 AM), I discover your message only today, and I don’t know what you mean “step 3”.

Twist the wires together and plug it in. Following are instructions on how to get the Kulla up and running when it becomes possessed or just dies totally. I went to a couple of home centers before I could find the replacement lampshade pictured here. Beware of the two clear plastic strain relief pieces that may pop out from each wire entry port. Next, free the dimmer control board from the inner skull by peeling the black plastic case away (it’s held with double-sided foam tape. 3. On the lamp. Description: I was disappointed by the 6 month lifespan of my Kulla floor lamp, the glossy enameled bauhaus-y piece I finally let myself spend $100 on. Fix your flickering lamps without a new switch! Still I am angry with IKEA, seems the problem repeats itself a little too often.. wish i’d found this post before I returned my lamp to Ikea, and when they wouldnt refund I just left it there! Before you unscrew the wires, try to mark where the wires went or take a picture of the wires. I am desperate for it to work again but we cannot seem to get the “skull” off. I dunno, only use a 3-way bulb in a socket meant for 3-way bulbs? This is just amazing, now i will try to fix my beloved lamp, Hope you managed. Cut off any protruding nubs that are stuck on the ends of the top portion of the switch. It seemed there were some standard lamp replacement parts, but IKEA uses metric stuff and getting something off the shelf might not work. Then repeat the process for the other two crimped connections. The metal tube that you hold with the pliers will be slightly damaged (it is made in aluminium); you will have to find a way of hiding the marks. I have two of these Target swing arm lamps above and no shades ever sat properly on them – even the Target shades were crooked!! 2. Every lamp switch either comes loose at some point during its lifetime or simply wears out. It did work with the bulb at just the right angle and screwed in really tight into the socket. 7. I changed out the compact flourescent bulb with a new LED one. I searched on the internet to see what kind of parts are available for repair and to get a clue of how things were installed.

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