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Proactive, cheap and functional. 2x Van Moorlehem Hunter [160 scraps] Magic Lamp [800 scraps] This is a meme, but at lower ranks it’s good fun and will allow you to climb fast due to the lack of cards to reliably answer Donimir of Troy.

Devotion plays a key role, giving you access to Auberon Conqueror, the Thrive tag on Winter Queen, and an unconditional 7-for-4 on Deploy in Aen Elle Conqueror.

It’s highly recommended for this package, as it provides another high-end Wild Hunt Special for Ge’els. With proper set-up, Wild Boar can provide a game-winning swing in a long round, but it should be noted that it’s also a meta call. A Beginner’s Guide To GWENT. All four of the story nodes add up to 1400 Ore, which means 14 kegs for 20 reward points. Synergies: Ozzrel. If you feel like your deck could use some extra tempo and thinning, don’t hesitate to craft this card. Once your Bank is full, the opponent will have to respect the reach of this card. Awesome, right? Joachim de Wett [200 scraps] Egmund [200 scraps] Reynard Odo [800 scraps] Synergies: Greatsword. The weakened presence of SK with the recent nerfs only further cements the efficiency of MO. If you recycle them, you will have to craft them if you want to get them again. Thus, there is an emphasis on Midrange cards or mildly synergistic cards that provide you with decent value on their own. The Beast [200 scraps] A great starter legendary card to craft is Muzzle, which allows you to steal a unit with 8 or less strength from your opponent. The mission needs to be completed before the node grants you the reward and allows further progression. Crafting priority: Essential In a more Nature-oriented deck, consider including 2x Abandoned Girl and 2x Duén Canell Guardian. Oreis Gwent's main resource for getting new cards. He’s an integral part of Devotion decks, especially after you craft Anséis and Kerack Marines. Lastly, our crafting guide contains several packages within each faction. Pellar will deal with any negative Status on your side of the board and he can also answer the opposing Defender if necessary. Serving as a backbone of every ST deck, this package offers incredible consistency and the synergy with Symbiosis cards. Roderick offers consistency at a very low cost, since the fact that he’s a Disloyal unit often means more points on your side of the board (with the likes of Impera Enforcers and Thirsty Dame). Players with Prestige level 2 can reroll their quests twice per day.

2x Drummond Berserker [60 scraps] Greatsword poses a massive threat to your opponent, because if this card goes unchecked, it allows you to double-dip on your damage. Oneiromancy helps you with drawing them when you need them, greatly improving the consistency of your deck. Pulls out an essential engine, thins your deck, sets-up Bloodthirst and plays for higher value than its provisions? After each game, you get rewarded with a small number of resources. Synergies: Harald Gord. Morkvarg: Heart of Terror is the tall punish of choice for SK players and can be pulled with Blood Eagle. Those may seem daunting in terms of scrap costs, but can usually be gradually built. With that said, the core cards of both methods remain the same.

Crimson Curse kegs contain cards from the first Gwent expansion. It’s worth noting that Masquerade Ball decks include 2x Magne Division for some proactivity, along with Braathens and Yennefer’s Invocation from the recommended Gold crafts. Auberon King [800 scraps]

Bear in mind that there are only 3 bronze Disloyal NG units, so his “Create” is actually deterministic, meaning that you will always have what you want in any given situation. Imke [800 scraps] Contracts are Gwent's spin on achievements.

Thekeyer has been a Gwent player since the early days of closed beta and still has a big passion for the game and its esports scene. Crafting priority: Essential. Reynard can achieve a very high ceiling against decks that are light on removal, while easily enabling Inspired on other cards, as well as setting-up finishers in Scytheman and Vissegerd. Crafting priority: Essential. She’s a big threat to any engine or Defender. It will sometimes be awkward against opponents with plenty of damage effects, but in all other contexts, it can be one of the best bronzes. Yennefer’s Invocation [800 scraps] Worth it. This is something that takes practice to get the hang of, but is important to think about. Synergies: Ozzrel. Oneiromancy [800 scraps] Despite recently being tuned down, it remains a powerful faction that is thematically beautifully designed and interesting to play.

Crafting priority: Medium. Strangely enough, the biggest advantage of this faction doesn’t come directly from its faction cards, but the fact that it can best abuse one of the new Neutral cards, Ethereal. You can obtain this card during your Thronebreaker playthrough.

He can also be re-enabled by Viraxas King. -Nimraphel, Uprising > Pincer Maneuver > Vicious Slash = Mobilization = Inspired Zeal > Royal Inspiration > Stockpile, 2x Radovid’s Royal Guards [160 scraps] Ore can also be used to access the Arena. Crafting priority: High with Devotion, Low otherwise Now that you know the basics, it’s time to decide which faction to play. Faction affinity: All factions Arena can be entered for a fee of 150 Ore. If you’ve played The Witcher 3, you’re well-acquainted with these three lovely ladies: Whispess, Brewess and Weavess. Sea Jackal is the go-to spender. However, the danger always exists, as losing your 14-provision card to a measly Bomb Heaver can be painful. Synergies: Ramon Tyrconnel, Ard Feainn Crossbowman. Crafting priority: Essential. On the upside, you can focus solely on Novigrad kegs if SY appeals to you. Ozzrel food, 10 points for 8 provisions and a drawback that often scares the opponent more than it scares you. Developed by CD PROJEKT S.A. By winning rounds, you will add crown fragments to your Journey path and progress through levels, unlocking reward points and cosmetics in the process. After nearly a year at the top of the food chain, ST came crushing down with the huge nerf to Harmony. 2x Stunning Blow [60 scraps] In GWENT, you clash with your friends in fast-paced duels that combine bluffing, on-the-fly decision making and careful deck construction. Whispess, Brewess, Weavess [600 scraps] Crafting priority: Low Crafting priority: High Coupled with Mahakam Marauder from the starter set, Miner is also a great target for Novigradian Justice. To help you out as a new player, here are some tips and information on how to jump into GWENT: First things first — let’s start with the basics. Synergies: Boosted units. This works wonderfully with Impera Enforcers and the Thirsty Dame from Masquerade Ball.

If you are on a tighter budget of around 400-500 scraps, check out our Budget Decks. This gives you a lot of presence in the first two rounds, allowing you to bully the opponent with a handful of engines. Gremist has fallen slightly out of favour recently due to the meta moving away from Alchemy, but a repeatable Purify on a 6-point body for 7 provisions is never a bad deal, particularly if you face numerous Poison decks or rely on Greatswords. Dire Mutated Hound [200 scraps]

It should be noted that there are multiple variations of this deck, based on which leader you choose to play. At first, you may think it makes sense to keep laying them down and ensure you win the round, but keep in mind that you only draw two cards going into the second round, and just one going into the third. For each Neutral card, we have included a “Faction affinity” note to signify which faction these Neutral cards are most suited for. ... As the guide we’re linking says, this deck can compete during all three rounds if needed and has Gabor Zigrin to stick around should you need to pass Round 2. The Master Mirror expansion introduced Jacques de Aldersberg, who plays as a solid 12-for-11 in Rounds 2 and 3. Jacques de Aldersberg [800 scraps] It can also be used to acquire vanity items in the shop. Crafting priority: Medium It also provides you with some much-needed removal. Synergies: Assimilate, Thirsty Dame. This powerhouse of a card is precious to the point where it can rival gold cards in terms of raw points. Once you get to 7 coins, The Flying Redanian will jump out of the deck and Saul will boost himself by 3 at the end of your turn. They get a lot of charges thanks to the inclusion of Fergus, Usurper General, Braathens and Roderick.

Morkvarg: Heart of Terror [800 scraps] Arguably one of the most boring cards you can craft, but sadly also one that will save you a lot of trouble when facing decks relying on status effects, most notably Poison. If you meet the Devotion condition, she’ll spawn three Symbiosis engines in Round 3. The aim of each round is to obtain more points than your opponent. They help you with bleeding the opponent and allow you to abuse Red coin, which makes it paramount to the success of most NG decks. Devotion decks can only play faction-specific cards. You can mill unwanted cards in order to obtain more Scraps. Crafting priority: Medium Copyright 2020 © Team Leviathan Gaming | All Rights Reserved, With every game, you receive experience (XP) points, XP points are used to progress levels, gaining 1 reward point for each level finished, When you reach level 60 and complete it, your Prestige level is increased by 1 and your level resets back to 0, Every level of Prestige unlocks new permanent additive passive bonus for your account. Combined with a Greatsword, you can get a huge point-swing, should the opponent be careless enough to boost one of their units into oblivion. Fauve allows you to access it, whereas Forest Protector can replay it. 2x Fisstech Trafficker [160 scraps] Understanding it is the key to becoming a good SY player. Each card comes with a brief explanation. The first four will be random, whereas the fifth one will be presented to you as a choice of three.

If you set your profile visibility to private, no one apart from you will be able to view the contents of your profile. In addition, finishing these challenges will earn you ore — currency used to purchase card kegs and therefore, gain more cards.

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