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Arianrhod Welsh [Moon Goddess] – d. of Donn, s. of Gwydion & m. of Lleu Llaw Gyffes & Dylan. University of Wales Centre for Advanced Welsh & Celtic Studies National Library of Wales Aberystwyth Ceredigion SY23 3HH Tel. 1. Aericurus/Arecurius Northumberland – one inscription on an altar stone – possibly responsible for Aericura being named as a male God on many sitesAgrona Welsh [Strife/Slaughter] – A Goddess of the river Aeron – although listed as associated with strife and slaughter, the name Agrona comes from the same root-source as the modern English word Agrinomy ‘crop & field management'(Greek ‘Agros’ = field & Nomos = manage) – and the river name ‘Aeron’ means ‘berries’ in Welsh. Arawn possessed a magickal cauldron of regeneration, later captured by King Arthur. The giant King who walked across to Ireland from Wales to confront the abuser of Branwen Bran Irish & Welsh [Hero God] – Associated –  RavenBranwen Welsh  [Love] – Daughter of LlyrBreg [of the Earth]Brigantia Prydein [Birth/Midwifery] – Goddess of BrigantesBrigindo Prydein [Flocks/Cattle] – See BrigantesBritannia Prydein [Protection] – Romano-CelticBrownie Scottish [Benevolent Goblin]Cailleach Beara Irish [Rebirth] – Old Hag also ScottishCamulos Prydein [War God] – ColchesterCaswallawn Prydein [War God]Ceridwen Welsh [War Goddess] – Corn GoddessClota Prydein [Goddess of River Clyde], Cocidius Prydein [Hunting Deity] – Northern BritainCondatis Prydein [River God]Coventina Prydein [Water/Springs] – Carrawburgh – Hadrian’s WallCreiddylad Welsh [Goddess of the Sea] – Shakespeare – CordeliaCyhiraeth Welsh [Goddess of Streams] – Shriek foretold deathDewi Welsh [Fertility God] – Ddraig GochDis Domnu [Supreme Celtic God] – Name used by CaesarDon Welsh [Goddess] – Counterpart DanuDylan Welsh [Sea God] – Brother of LleuEdain [Goddess associated with Riding] – Counterpart EponaEpona [Goddess of Horses]Esus [Agriculture] – Celtic – lord/master deity of the EssuviGovannon Welsh [God of Smiths] – son of Don, brothers Amathaon and GwydionGwenn Teir Bronn [Goddess of Motherhood]Gwydion Welsh [Warrior/Bard/Magician] – son of Don & Beli, father of Lleu & Dylan by his sister ArianrhodHooded Spirits [Triad of Celtic deities] – associated with healing and fertilityHu Gadarn Welsh ([God of Music?] Anextiomarus Prydein [British- Celtic Tribal Deity]. Queen Boadiccea of the Iceni offered sacrifices to Andraste in a sacred grove before fighting the Romans on her many campaigns against them. The Celtic Lexicon will contain the reconstructed Proto-Celtic vocabulary and the attested cognates in the ancient and modern Celtic languages (i.e. BRITNEY SPEARS LEGENDARY FOR Brythonic?

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