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Entrepreneur TRAN KIM HOA – Asia’s Queen Of Charity 2023

In the list of influential women serving as sources of inspiration for society, Entrepreneur Tran Kim Hoa stands out prominently, having been awarded the title of Asia’s Queen of Charity in 2023 at the Gala honoring Asia’s Volunteer Queens in Malaysia. This accolade not only represents an award but also acknowledges her unwavering dedication and contributions to the community over the years.

Tran Kim Hoa has not only excelled in the business arena but has also become an icon of compassion and family care. Currently residing in Singapore with her husband and three children, she has built an incredibly successful business career in both the local market and Vietnam.

Beyond her business success, Tran Kim Hoa is a warm-hearted woman with a compassionate soul. Her vegetarian family is not only a source of inspiration but also advocates for an eco-friendly lifestyle. She
dedicates precious time to nurture family happiness, turning her home into a place filled with love and sharing.

The secret to Tran Kim Hoa’s success lies not only in her prosperous career but also in her compassionate heart and practical actions. She regularly organizes charitable activities in various locations in Vietnam, her place of birth and cherished memories. Through her care and support, she assists families facing difficulties and cares for orphaned children.

The title of Asia’s Queen of Charity 2023 is a well-deserved recognition of Tran Kim Hoa’s relentless efforts. It serves as significant encouragement for those who aspire to contribute to building a community and society that continues to evolve into a better place.