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ENTREPRENEUR PHUNG THI THU THUY- KINDNESS AND ‘GIVING’ are the most beautiful gifts that Deity has sown into each individual’s essence

Entrepreneur Phung Thi Thu Thuy is one of the prominent female business figures in Vietnam. She not only serves as the successful managing director of Rich Field International Joint Stock Company but also founded and owns the fashion brand Peony & Iris. With diverse talents and unwavering passion, entrepreneur Thu Thuy has built a strong presence in the fields of business, fashion, and art.


In the business arena, Thu Thuy is renowned as the CEO of Rich Field International Joint Stock Company one of Vietnam’s largest fast-moving consumer goods distribution systems. With over 20 years of development, Rich Field International has achieved numerous milestones and expanded its business scale, encompassing over 200 level 1 agents and nearly 600,000 retail points nationwide.

Established in Vietnam in 1994, Rich Field International Joint Stock Company is a leading importer and distributor of fast-moving consumer goods in Vietnam. Rich Field currently boasts a revenue of over 3,200 billion VND, employing more than 1,500 staff, collaborating with nearly 400 distribution partners, and serving over 270,000 retail outlets nationwide.

To meet timely delivery needs, Rich Field has collaborated with top transport partners in Vietnam, including Rich Field Global, a longstanding and leading transportation partner of Rich Field International Joint Stock Company.

The success of entrepreneur Phung Thi Thu Thuy stems from her organizational management skills and relentless efforts. Before becoming a successful entrepreneur, she accumulated experience through participating in various business courses and overcoming challenges in the marketplace. Her patience and determination helped her stand firm on the challenging path of business.

Beyond excelling in business, entrepreneur Thu Thuy is passionate about fashion and art, particularly painting. The fashion brand Peony & Iris, founded by her, is not just a name in the Vietnamese fashion industry but also a symbol of innovation and creativity. Through Peony & Iris Art Gallery, she has organized numerous art exhibitions for renowned artists. Art has become an integral part of her daily life, turning her home into an artistic space that captivates and impresses all visitors.

Entrepreneur Phung Thi Thu Thuy also holds a special love for the traditional Vietnamese Ao Dai. For her, Ao Dai is not just a garment but a symbol of feminine beauty. The love for Ao Dai has been a significant inspiration for her creative designs under the Peony fashion brand. She aims to integrate Ao Dai into modern life, keeping it fresh and aligned with contemporary fashion trends, thus preserving its traditional values while showcasing modernity and allure.

Entrepreneur Phung Thi Thu Thuy is an energetic woman who actively participates in social activities, sponsors art and cultural events, and, most importantly, focuses on preserving and promoting cultural values. Hence, Peony & Iris organizes heritage connection activities to honor cultural heritage values, including Vietnamese Ao Dai, contributing to building an image of a vibrant, dynamic Vietnam on the global stage. This community activity has a long-term impact and serves as an avenue for social and community-related initiatives, passing on the legacy to Rich Field Group.

Recently, in October 2023, entrepreneur Phung Thi Thu Thuy was entrusted by the Leadership Board of the Vietnam Ao Dai Heritage Club to become the Chairwoman of the Vietnam Ao Dai Heritage Club in Ho Chi Minh City.

Upcoming on January 24, 2024, under the guidance of the Vietnam Ao Dai Heritage Club, the Ho Chi Minh City Ao Dai Heritage Club will organize an event to introduce the “Heritage – Connection” project, launching a fund to support the preservation of Vietnam’s cultural heritage. The goal is to mobilize resources from organizations and individuals who love culture to promote cultural spaces for Ao Dai, support the development and promotion of heritage houses, traditional cultural spaces, and specialized heritage tourism programs in certain provinces. This also includes educational activities on heritage preservation and succession.


As a person full of energy, positive thinking, and intense dedication, entrepreneur Phung Thi Thu Thuy frequently participates in charitable programs and community support projects. She sponsors and accompanies the Vu A Dinh Scholarship Fund, the “For Hoang Sa – Truong Sa Beloved” Club, in collaboration with Ho Chi Minh City Television to organize the program “Spring in Distant Islands,” sponsors two programs of the Saigon Choir, and numerous other social charity programs. She consistently plays the role of an “Inspiration Giver” through her contributions to Rich Field Group and society.

In her New Year’s speech for 2024, she shared, “I was born into a civil servant family; my mother is a teacher, and my father is a book printing plant official. I was educated according to the traditional values of my family. It is the initial asset I obtained thanks to my parents. They always taught me to live kindly, strive incessantly, give, and help those around me.

Growing up, on the business journey with my husband, Mr. Bill Chua, these values became extremely complete, helping us always have goals and overcome many challenges… One of the business goals is to have more conditions to help others. Therefore, ‘HELPING’ is one of the five core values of Rich Field. In addition to creating wealth, we also desire to create values and encourage employees to implement.

Deity has given us many gifts. One of the wonderful gifts that He has given us is the stability of the company’s business after nearly 30 years. We have loyal, reliable partners and customers. We have a dedicated, experienced, and devoted team of employees. I know that for us to go together on such a long journey, it’s because we share many similar values. One of those values is ‘doing useful things for society.’

For me, kindness and ‘giving’ are the most beautiful gifts that Deity has sown into each individual’s essence, just waiting to sprout and bear flowers and fruits… Our mission is to cultivate and nurture, so one day those fields of flowers will simultaneously bloom brightly and brilliantly. When ‘giving’ becomes a need, that flower garden has blossomed. I believe that, someday, kindness will become a habit for many people…

And my wishes and prayers for the new year 2024 for my family and all company employees are to soon professing faith in God to have a happy and everlasting life.” Entrepreneur Phung Thi Thu Thuy, a versatile woman, is not only an icon of success in business but also a creator and elevating force for cultural values in society. Her business acumen, artistic passion, and philanthropic spirit are evident not only in business successes, unique fashion designs, and art but also through meaningful social activities.


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