Entrepreneur Pham Kim Thoa – “Modern women must have the heart the vision and the funding to do extraordinary work”

Entrepreneur Pham Kim Thoa – “Modern women must have the heart the vision and the funding to do extraordinary work”

In fairy tales, there is a kind fairy. In everyday life, there is a Compassionate Ambassador Kim Thoa over the years who has quietly donated to people and to life the good things that come from the immense kindness of her heart. She thinks: "Modern women must have the heart, the vision and the funding to do extraordinary things and do good things for the world."

On the eve of the Lunar New Year, Global Woman had the opportunity to talk with the businesswoman about her volunteering journey, the difficulties that her business has gone through, as well as the hope of revival. when spring is coming.


One of the standards used to measure society is compassion. When we look at a society, see those with love, care and sharing, we see that life is beautiful in a peaceful way.

Society is developing more and more, no matter how much modern science and technology advances, society needs compassion. Kindness becomes the standard measure of each society. Especially during the outbreak of the pandemic, volunteering is even more precious. As the late musician Trinh Cong Son wrote: “Living in life requires a heart, for what purpose do you know? For it to let the wind keep blowing…” or the poet To Huu once wrote: “People love people, live to love each other…”. Therefore, the acts of kindness and those who do charity work are well remembered.

Businesswoman Kim Thoa is such a person. Her volunteer activities come from a heart as beautiful as a blooming flower. She came up from loss, so she deeply understands and understands the disadvantage of orphans, unfortunate, difficult and unhappy situations. So for more than 20 years, she and her friends have worked together and gone all over the country to help poor students study well, raise orphans, build houses of love, etc. to comfort and love.

Up to now, she is still taking on many important roles in many charity clubs. She is the Vice President of Thien An Charity Club, specializing in medical examination and treatment for the poor in remote areas. Club members include doctors and nurses who organize twice a year medical examination and treatment, distribute medicine and give gifts to about 1,000 people.

Entrepreneur Kim Thoa is also the Chairman of Diamond Club. This club also specializes in charity activities, helping people in need. At the same time, she regularly helps orphans with savings books, children in difficult circumstances, mobilizes efforts to help poor children with the Study Promotion Fund "with enough food and warm clothes to go to school", giving 1,500 warm clothes In the highlands of the northern provinces,… In 2020, during the period when Ho Chi Minh City was isolated against the epidemic, she also organized to cook 300 meals a day for poor people, distribute rice through so much rice ATMs from 400 to 700 to 1,000 people. /2kg/day,… In 2021, the businesswoman donates 10,000 masks to doctors and nurses, runs a rice ATM with dozens of tons of rice, 35,000 eggs, supports building a road in District 11, Ho Chi Minh City…

Talking about the idea of volunteering, businessman Kim Thoa has shared: "People must live to be beautiful from the inside to be valuable. Of course, external beauty must be present, but not as important as beauty. inside. The modern woman is ordinary but not mediocre, they must have the heart, have reach and have the funding to help society, and even with that, they still have to work extraordinary.”

“When I do charity work, my heart feels warm and peaceful. And I do a lot of charity work partly because I want to create happiness for my children, I want to set an example for my children so that they can love, share and do good for the society. I do charity from the heart, from then on, I find life worth living and more meaningful,” she added.

In Vietnamese fairy tales, there often appears a kind fairy godmother or a gentle man who helps people. In today's daily life, there are many fairies like that. Businesswoman Kim Thoa – Ambassador of Compassion has quietly helped many lives and difficult situations. Therefore, she was honored as the Ambassador of Compassion, after her kind heart and immense love for people. "For me, I will help when I listen to difficult situations, especially in the case of orphans because of the same situation, so I understand and empathize, I want them to have a way to rise," she confided.


Businesswoman Kim Thoa soon entered the business path from a young age, her business talent was soon revealed. She believes that whatever she does with money in a clean way, she will do it. So at the age of 18, Kim Thoa has become a brave woman, owns a house and a car, has a stable economic ability to help her brothers, sisters and brothers in the family, which she herself did not dare to dream in the previous few years. Kim Thoa's parents and younger brother died early due to an accident when Kim Thoa was only 4 years old. But she and all the other brothers in her family are trying their best, so that up to now, all of her family are successful people and always contribute to society.

Just like that, with the support of her partner, businesswoman Kim Thoa firmly rowed on to the tireless business world. Until now, she has had a stable economic career, a happy family with successful and filial children. Her children are doctors, pharmacists, bachelors and all graduated in the US. In the past year 2021, the youngest child of the businesswoman has just entered two universities. Currently, businesswoman Kim Thoa runs and manages two businesses. Cam Nguyen Manufacturing & Trading Company and Hoa Hung Real Estate Enterprise. Cam Nguyen Company specializes in assembling motorcycles. This company has been operating for 20 years with quite high revenue, but two years after the pandemic took place, the businesswoman still managed to keep 200 workers and produce spare parts to export to countries such as Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia and Brazil.

During two years of prolonged global epidemic, the company's business situation also faced many difficulties, but the businesswoman has implemented the policy of austerity, taking short to raise long to feed the company, trying her best to maintain a stable life for workers. As the company manager, she used all means to steer the business boat through the storm with the determination to recover and develop after the epidemic ended.

Currently, the economy has improved somewhat. "Finance Queen" Kim Thoa continues to burn with her passion for business to contribute to life with the mindset and pride of a business that always follows the chosen path.

Recalling the time when Covid-19 raged, she shared: After the pandemic, we realized many things. In it, you must learn how to protect the health of yourself, your family and the surrounding. Many situations happen unexpectedly, and we have to respond quickly, so the skills needed to run a business are always connecting, thinking positively, planning short-term and long-term  jobs; take short to raise long to maintain the company. And moreover, the more I see, in life to go through any difficulties or do anything, there is the support and contribution of many people. Therefore, on this occasion, Kim Thoa would also like to sincerely thank the headmasters of many temples. Kim Thoa would like to thank her family members, relatives and friends for being by her side, helping Kim Thoa and accompanying Kim Thoa to overcome difficulties to reach the peacefulness of today. sincerely grateful and vow to always serve the ideal of living gratefully and always loving everyone.


Post: MY VAN –  Photo: TUAN NGUYEN

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