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Entrepreneur Le Trinh: “In 2024 we will focus a lot on tourism and event organization”

Entrepreneur Le Trinh is a symbol of dynamism and enthusiasm. She is the manager and operator of My Trinh Van Advertising Company (MTV) – one of the companies providing printing and advertising services for over 20 years in Vietnam. During the opening ceremony in early Spring, MTV company and Hoa Da Quy Media Company signed a cooperation agreement in tourism and event organization in 2024, the two sides pledged to focus on mutual development.

In 2024, the tourism and event industry is considered one of the important areas in the development plans of many countries and businesses. With the post-pandemic economic recovery and consumer demand for new experiences and social connections, the tourism and event industry is expected to emerge strongly.

In the 2024 plan, governments and tourism organizations will put a lot of effort into promoting and developing tourist destinations, while enhancing infrastructure to attract tourists. Marketing strategies will be focused on using digital technology and social media platforms to reach potential customers globally.

Along with that, the event organization industry will also become an important part of the 2024 plan. Businesses and event organizers will focus on developing diverse and creative event services, from business referrals to cultural and entertainment events. Leveraging new technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality will also help create unique and impressive event experiences.

In addition, training and human resource development programs for the tourism and event industry will also be promoted. Training employees with highly specialized skills and the ability to work flexibly in a multicultural environment will help improve service quality and competitiveness of this industry.

“With our existing experience and foundation in tourism and event organization, we hope to continue to develop to contribute to helping the business community connect business.” Entrepreneur Le Trinh shared.