Entrepreneur Emily Nguyen and a prosperous 2024

Entrepreneur Emily Nguyen and a prosperous 2024

Emily Nguyen is a businesswoman running the Emily Nguyen brand in the fields of commerce, real estate investment and education in Vietnam and internationally. With extensive experience in international trade and investment, she has built an impressive career that combines generating profits and contributing to community development through education.

Starting her career in Vietnam, Japan and Korea, Emily Nguyen quickly created a reputation with customers because of her deep analytical ability and strategic vision. With perseverance and focus on her goals, she has gone far in the field of commerce. However, with a deep passion for education and the positive impact it brings, Emily Nguyen decided to expand her scope of activities into this field.

Continuously learning and expanding its offerings, Emily Nguyen not only focuses on providing summer study abroad opportunities for high school students, but also promotes the development of vocational study abroad opportunities and career opportunities. collaborative training at the post-university level by creating highquality and exciting educational programs.

With a long-term vision and strong commitment, Emily Nguyen has built a business model that brings dual benefits, combining economic and social value creation. With constant efforts, Emily Nguyen is stepping forward on her path to success day by day.

Recently, Emily Nguyen successfully launched a perfume brand. In early 2024, Emily Nguyen received many production orders – happy prosperity for the new year.

Last January 2024, Emily Nguyen also signed a cooperation agreement with Hoa Da Quy Media Company in the field of event organization and foreign tourism.

What areas will you focus on in 2024?

I focus on the field of education. The year 2023 can be called a “hot” year for Vietnam’s education industry with a series of international education connection events that have attracted a lot of domestic attention. And that has changed the thinking and orientation of young people about education. This is also a favorable time for young people to have the opportunity to study abroad in countries around the world. I hope the new year 2024 will have many domestic and international educational advantages.

I also focus on the field of international trade and investment in Vietnam – an area that over the years has allowed me to reap success.

What do you wish for in 2024?

I wish for me and everyone to have a successful year at work, with lots of health, joy and happiness.

Wishing you a year of great development and success.

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