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Dr. Nguyen Thi Dieu Phuong – ” I vow to be a solid rear for Hoang Quan Group and my family”

Everyone knows the Chairman Truong Anh Tuan – the founder of Hoang Quan Group, successful in many businesses: Real Estate – Finance – Education… but very few people know his Vice Chairman of the Board – Dr. Nguyen Thi Dieu Phuong, Co-founder and also his beloved wife.

 Mrs. Nguyen Thi Dieu P h u o n g was born and raised in Thua Thien – Hue. Inheriting the gentle, loving, graceful features of a Hue's woman, Mrs. Dieu Phuong really attracts those around her with her soft speech, warm gestures, confidence, dignify and intelligent in how to treat people.

The fated relationship between the couple's has bond for more than 36 years stems from the first meeting in that poetic afternoon when both study at Nguyen Trai High School, Ninh Thuan.

The enthusiasm of youth has inspired them to develop their business from a very early age. In 2000, she and her husband founded Hoang Quan company. The process of building enthusiasm over the years has created the reputation of Hoang Quan Group in the country and spread to the world market. They are admired by business people for their talent and courageous enthusiasm.

Hoang Quan's greatest core values are the mind and ethics in business, that is why Hoang Quan is developing steadily and moving towards new international breakthroughs.

They have 3 children, Song Van, Hoang Quan and Hoang Lam, who are filial, loving and listen to their parents. All 3 children are very intelligent, beautiful and always ready and passionately to continue the family business.


Loving each other since high school, up to now, our children have grown up and matured, we have grandchildren after grandchildren. In those years of marriage and career building, they have always attached and cherished each other with the same tune "the husband and wife are respectful as newly wed". That "respect" helps both to live for each other – it is the key, the secret to nurturing love and also the key to opening the door to happiness for her family.

To steer a large corporation like Hoang Quan is not an easy task, she and her husband are always listening, sharing and supporting each other in work as well as in family life. She silently supported him from his small actions, attentive to everything when he stormed the marketplace.

In the past, there is still the saying "a wife who do, is a husband who will reward", he is the captain who led the Hoang Quan boat to the sea and reaped many great achievements. She is his solid behind to assured, to build and develop his career.

As the Vice President of a large corporation, the mother of 3 children, although she is very busy, she is always aware of updating new knowledge to manage the company and support him more.

Mrs. Dieu Phuong has 2 bachelor's degrees in economics and business administration and 2 masters degrees. In 2015, she successfully defended her thesis and obtained her doctorate. When asked about her beloved spouse, she confided: "Mr. Tuan is always the one who encourages and energizes Phuong, so that Phuong has motivation to learn, learn more and study forever ..."

Women like men who have the energy, have legitimate ambitions, and have beneficial contributions to society. She was fortunate to have seen those special things about him when they were both students at economics school. You share the dreams and aspirations of your youth and that is the inspiration that creates motivation, ignites great beliefs, contributes to your success in future careers.

Recently, Hoang Quan Group just celebrated its 20th anniversary. Marking the development of Hoang Quan Group is also a long way for you to stick with your dedication.

In order to have such 20 years, both have understood each other's values, sacrificed for each other. Someone asked about her position in the corporation, she often replied: "Phuong is just Phuong's husband's assistant and vows to be a solid back-end for Hoang Quan Group and her family."

Mrs. Dieu Phuong is a gentle, observant and sharp woman in everything. She understands that a small family is always the place that holds the most affection and is always the place where people often turn to. She is always the one who keeps the family warm.

The workload of the Group is very large, when she finds him tired, she always gives him time to rest, listen to what he shares, and encourages him to firmly believe in leading the Group to develop sustainably.

Not only words encouraging him, Mrs. Dieu Phuong and her high expertise, intelligence, agility and sophistication directly participate in the Group's affairs to support him, playing a role as an effective assistant of you.

Mr. Truong Anh Tuan is also the exemplary father of the children, he is always considerate and attentive, although he is busy with work, he still calls his children every day when they are away from school, taking care of them mentally, future orientation and thoughtfully answer what they need to learn. You are always consistent in parenting. You all want your children to have a good educational foundation to develop their personalities and careers, and have a vision of reaching out to reach out in career and life.

Understanding affection and spousalism, although he does not use sweet words for his wife, but he always takes care of her, from those small actions, it is enough to know that her position is as important as how is in my heart.

He admits that his wife is the inspiration and one of the factors that greatly influenced the success of Hoang Quan Group. After very busy working hours, free time is like a golden space together, two brothers and sisters spend every minute, you can simply wait together for breakfast or while sitting for a cup of tea with to talk about an interesting issue.

During the sharing sessions with friends and colleagues, Mrs. Dieu Phuong modestly said that she is fortunate to have an intelligent, talented husband and a peaceful family as a fulcrum to build a career. And he confidently shared with his friends that she was his right choice, "Dieu Phuong helped me a lot in my career and my family".

As a leader of a large corporation, she always pays special attention to her employees, she regularly supports opening skill training classes, encouraging employees to improve their professional skills. Take care of life and have incentives and incentives for employees who do well and dedicate themselves to the Group.

A team of sustainable development, she recalls, must know foresight, respect for intellectuals, respect dignity, and respect ethics. That is the human culture of the corporation.

We know that, during 20 years of operation, with kindness, you have founded a charity fund of 50 billion and many social security policies, in addition to helping and taking care of Vietnamese's heroic Mothers contributing to the Toma Thien study promotion fund, sponsored scholarships for poor studious students…

The old saying never wrong, "husband and wife that are favorable, they can cover the East Sea dry".

The success of Hoang Quan Group today has made a special contribution to her, the lifelong assistant of Mr. Truong Anh Tuan.

There are so much more wonderful things thatwe cannot listed about mrs Dieu Phuong, all we can said about her is simply "Amazing"

On the occasion of celebrating the Vietnamese's Woman day, October 20th, 2020, I wish Mrs. Dieu Phuong more and more beautiful, always young, beautiful and energetic to continue and forever be a solid rear for Hoang Quan Group and family.


Article: HAN HAN
Photography : PHAN THANH CAN