Director Of Phuc An Company  Nguyen Thi Cam Thuc – the successful creator of the Phuc An cereal cake brand

Director Of Phuc An Company Nguyen Thi Cam Thuc – the successful creator of the Phuc An cereal cake brand

Famous as the owner of Phuc An cereal brand, Cam Thuc is also famous for her pure and kind beauty. With such talent with good look and the spirit of enduring hard that can grasping the market, Phuc An cereal cake brand is becoming more and more famous and becoming a trusted brand of consumers.

Alway at the forefront and has achieved remarkable feats in business, but Cam Thuc is very friendly. We had an interesting conversation lways at the forefront with her in this Spring 2021 new year.

How did Cam Thuc start with Phuc An cereal cake?

Stemming from my own need for cuisine, how to match the modern and busy lifestyle but still have to ensure a meal that is not only delicious but also good for health, especially still maintaining, keeping your good shape. With those set criteria, Thuc and her associates gradually formulated and launched cereal products that meet the above equirements. And Thuc believes that not only Thuc needs but also everyone would want these products that meet those requirements.

Producing items related to cuisine requires a sophistication in the selection of ingredients and the way to prepare it, but also gourmet food as well as instructions for use for diners. This profession is quite hard, so it needs passion and love to create right?

It is true that producing food is hard, but because I am too passionate and desire to do something different, Thuc is determined to do it, even though it is hard, Thuc has always see this as very interesting work. Just do it and you will succeed it.

When embarking on making a product, first of all, I have to listen to what my heart needs as well as listen to the rhythm of life around us, and see it as a guideline for me to produce suitable products. to my own wishes and that of everyone. Every stage of society, the taste of cuisine is also much different, but the food materials around us are the same, so Thuc constantly changes the ingredients that people choose to use every day to process products. products more suitable with current culinary needs. Equally important is that the raw material selection process is rigorous in order to produce the best quality product possible.

What are the most popular features of Phuc An's delicious and nutritious products that consumers love?

Phuc An's products are made from high quality medicinal ingredients that are good for health, not only trusted by our ancestor in ancient times, but also recognized by global scientists. Although we all know ginger, turmeric or brown rice and nuts like cashews, squash seeds, walnuts … are very healthy. But how to meet the trend of culinary styles and also find convenience when needed is also an important factor. But how to meet the culinary tastes of the trend and also find convenience when needed is also an important factor to note. For example, the traditional ginger jam product used to be dried, hard and sweet, because it was made from old ginger, which was fibrous and spicy, so it was necessary to have a deep sweet taste. But now Thuc herself, as well as consumers do not like that sweet taste, so Thuc has to explore and create ginger jam from the soft young ginger and the taste must be sweet. And Thuc has also succeeded in producing and selling 2 very different ginger jam products, one like honeyinfused ginseng and the other like a soft, sweet squash jam…

And so with passion and determination, Thuc is always searching for and creating many unique and different products on the market such as replacing sugar with Inulin, an extract of twisted lettuce roots in the protein bar with shredded pork and seaweed of Phuc An company. This bar provides the same energy as the energy bars available on the market for dieters, but the taste of Phuc An's products is easy to eat, making consumers forget the feeling of being on the diet.

Before devoting time to the development of cereal bars and nutritional products, what does Cam Thuc do?

Before entering the food industry, Thuc worked in the oil and gas industry for the multinational Oil and Gas corporation for more than 15 years. These two industries in terms of products are unrelated, but by the same year working in a large corporation, Thuc also inherits a lot of work experience and that has created Thuc a position, position as well as understand the professional process of a large-scale multinational so that I have a long-term strategy for forming and developing my own company.

Can Cam Thuc briefly introduce herself and her family?

Thuc is like many other women who grow up and get married and have children. Married life also has ups and downs, but Thuc also feels fortunate to have a sharing and responsible partner. Currently Thuc has 3 children. One of them has graduated from university and has gone to work, the other 2 are still in high school.

Cam Thuc is also known for her style. As an executive director of a company that produces and distributes consumer products must be very busy, how does Cam Thuc balance work and rest, enjoy life, how to stay lively. Maintain Good business but still take care of your family, take care of yourself to remain beautiful and enjoy life?

For Thuc work or family is important, especially when I do, I definitely have to spend time for myself because when I am healthy, beautiful, and happy, I have the motivation to work better. That's why I need to manage my time, to balance everything. So even though the work is busy, many things come at the same time, Thuc still knows to arrange a reasonable time for each task, whichever should be solved first. There are times when the work is so much that Thuc even jokes with her staff that this job is new to her, so slowly settle it so she can handle the first work piles. (Laugh). With such a mindset, Thục never found herself overloaded at all, all because of her thinking and assessment of the matter.

What do you usually do when you are stressed?

When stressed, Thuc likes to listen to music. Go Karaoke with friends.

Who is Cam Thuc's female role model? Why?

Thuc seems to have no one as her role model, because Thuc doesn't like being a copy of others.

What is the secret to maintaining the standard figure and optimistic demeanor of Cam Thuc? 

In order to keep in good shape, Thuc always focuses on a reasonable and selective diet. Besides, every day Thuc is willing to exercise and spend about 30 minutes meditating.

Did Cam Thuc and her husband ever have any disagreement? How to make peace?

Thuc thought, in life, every husband and wife always have disagreement. But Thuc and his wife said that those times were just like the 7 rainbow colors of life, so it was nothing stressful.

Is Cam Thuc an introvert or an extrovert?

Thuc, at first glance, is very active, very social, but in fact Thuc is a person who likes to be more introverted.

In the house, is your husband or Cam Thuc responsible for teaching children?

Because Thuc's husband is also a director for a multinational oil and gas corporation, he is also quite busy running the company, so Thuc spends more time teaching the children than he does. But he is still taking main responsibility in Thuc's family.

Thank you Cam Thuc. Wishing Cam Thuc and her family a lot of health and happiness. Wishing the brand Phuc An cereal cake more and more successful.



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