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Ceo Angela Moon – The Fashion Entrepreneur And The Imprints Of Success

Angela Moon, the commonly known name of CEO Đo Thi Anh Nguyet – Chairwoman of the Board of Directors at Moon Fashion Company, specializes in consulting, directing, designing, and producing fashion items ranging from mid to high-end for brands in Vietnam, based on principles of security and exclusivity.

With nearly a decade of experience, Moon Fashion has been providing high-quality fashion designs, marked by standardized measurements, for numerous domestic brands, earning recognition for impressive product lines, meticulously selected materials, and professional services. Moon Fashion’s success stems from the commendable efforts of its leader, Angela Moon, and those dedicated to the Vietnamese fashion industry.

In 2023, Angela Moon introduced the Selene scarf collection in June, followed by the upcoming Selena Do Fashion Brand targeting leaders and fashion-forward individuals. These core values helped Moon Fashion surpass thousands of other brands, earning a spot in the Top 10 ASEAN Brands at the ASEAN Top Brands Award 2023. This success opens up new opportunities and positions Moon Fashion’s name on both regional and international stages.

Starting from 2024, the brand aims to diversify its product lines further and expand its market presence in the near future.

Angela Moon, though having the appearance of a beauty queen, has never participated in any beauty pageants. Instead, she consistently focuses on caring for the fashion image of beauties in her role as an advisor and sponsor. Angela Moon prefers to be remembered as a pioneering designer rather than simply being labeled as a beautiful person. As a female leader, Angela Moon excels not only in her professional role but also in her roles as a wife and mother. She believes that success includes happiness and strives to balance work and family, prioritizing her family without using work as an excuse for delays.

Angela Moon is an introverted extrovert. While passionate about creative business, she still dedicates time to household chores, taking care of her husband and children, cherishing every moment with her family. Angela Moon’s eldest daughter is now 13 years old, and the youngest son is 10 years old. Angela and her husband share similar values, making their family life always filled with joy. Angela Moon enjoys traveling, music, and has a feminine side, especially her love for tulips and daisies.

Angela Moon is also concerned about the next generation, especially young fashion enthusiasts. She wholeheartedly supports and shares secrets and experiences with aspiring entrepreneurs. With years of experience in the fashion market, Angela Moon understands that starting a fashion business is not only about initial capital but also requires knowledge of the product, management skills, brand building, and establishing relationships with customers.

Understanding the challenges that young entrepreneurs face, Angela Moon decided to help by sharing her experiences and knowledge with those who love fashion and want to embark on the entrepreneurial path. Her seminars and experience-sharing sessions not only provide young entrepreneurs with a clearer view of the entrepreneurial journey but also inspire creativity and exploration.

Angela Moon is also a pioneer in supporting personal development and work-life balance for her employees. She frequently organizes family activities and events to create a positive work environment and help employees connect with their families in a positive way.

With all the success in her career and happiness in her family, Angela Moon is not just a business icon but also a source of motivation for other women, proving that success in both areas is not just a capability but
also a choice and commitment.














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