Le Trinh – The energetic connection that makes success

The character of the year chosen by Global Women to take part in Interview this time is Le Trinh – Director of My Trinh Van Advertising and Media Company (MTV) specializing in printing, designing, and organizing events, communication and booking news and articles for newspapers and tourism. We have the opportunity to meet her again – an energetic, positive woman who is enthusiastic about connecting people in her business as…

Ngan Nguyen – Gorgeous Ao Dai In Spring Collection

As a leader in the field of production and business with the famous Suhion eyelash brand, Miss Ngan Nguyen has been and continues to be successful with her career. Woman Global Spring 2021, together with us, as we meet the woman who is talented and transmits a positive energy to everyone.

Mrs Akiko Nirei Rousse – Executive vice president of NIRE UPS INC – The ordinary life style of a Powerful Lady

Mrs Akiko Nirei Rousse, wife to the French Consulate Cooperation and Culture Attaché, Director of French Institute in HCMC , Jean – Phillipe Rousse, is a woman who always show her friendly and opened minded side to everyone, she especially leave a strong impression with every Vietnamese friends in every meeting at the French Consulates General Office.

Pride and Conviction

Many know her, other don’t. that does not seem to effect much to her decisions even to the way she express herself, a woman who born with the fiery attitude, complement by her radiant success on the field of business. She is Le Thi Tuyet.

Millionaire woman IRENE HOANG – Dreams and marvelous missions

Well-Known for being the pioneer and achieved numerous success in business. Being a business woman with who famous for her life style and always interact with the top business people in the world, but despite all that she always stay friendly and doing her works to do good in order to help woman everywhere, last September, she was honor…

Business Woman Chu Thi Hong Anh – The INDOCHINA Woman

“The Female General” in the field of media possess the calm, gentle and caring feature of a typical south east Asian woman, but also a charisma of pride and self – control seen only in western people. Only when all that combine do we see a Chu Thi Hong Anh  sophisticate and charming in her own right.