MAI BICH HANH ENTERPRISE – Elegant Fashion Style

In addition to business success, Mai Bich Hanh is also a businesswoman with a elegant fashion style that matches her personality. In this businesswoman, there is always a hint of classic, but still radiant with style because of her simplicity, comfort, her easy going attitude and has a very strong charm when exuding elegance.

Speaker Julia Nguyen – The Princess of Spring

Speaker Julia Nguyen is always a face that is recognized by the media's favor because of her beauty and wisdom of youth and the spirit of always radiance positive energy with a spirit of understanding and optimism in life. Global Women was fortunate to have an interview with her during the beginning of the flourishing new spring.

University student LEQUIEU Nguyen Ho CHRISTINE focusing on the dreams of youth

On the eve of the new year, it was wonderful when we were able to interview a young character with two bloodlines, mericanVietnamese. She is living in the US and studying Economics at Northeastern University. She is completing her final year of college with a lot of future plans – the lovely and brilliant days…

LAN COLES C.E.O of LCUK Sophisticated and elegant

As a British-Vietnamese businesswoman, for the past 10 years, Lan Coles – Founder and CEO of LCUK company has contributed to Vietnam market a famous British cosmetic brand that the LCUK company distributes exclusively. Proto-col brand is a line of product specializes in anti-aging cosmetics and high-end health care functional foods.

Ca sĩ Lâm Bảo Phi khuấy động đêm Gala

Ca sĩ Lâm Bảo Phi đã để lại nhiều ấn tượng đẹp khi xuất hiện trong phần mở màn Gala kỷ niệm 10 năm thành lập Ấn phẩm Phụ nữ Toàn cầu và trao giải cho các nữ doanh nhân trong cuộc thi Miss Global Woman 2021 diễn ra tại khách sạn Rex vào tối…

 Mrs Lien Nguyen – Chairman of DMC Cosmetics Trading Joint Stock Company: The successful founder of Hydrotherapy GrandMoya SG-2000 in Vietnam

Entrepreneur Nguyen Thi Bich Lien is famous for her pioneering ways in applying technology to the beauty industry, including the Grandmoya SG-2000 Hydrotherapy technology, which is trusted by many peoples. Beauty Master Asia magazine has had an interview with her about these outstanding achievements that her company has achieved in resent time.

Le Trinh – The energetic connection that makes success

The character of the year chosen by Global Women to take part in Interview this time is Le Trinh – Director of My Trinh Van Advertising and Media Company (MTV) specializing in printing, designing, and organizing events, communication and booking news and articles for newspapers and tourism. We have the opportunity to meet her again – an energetic, positive woman who is enthusiastic about connecting people in her business as…