Business Woman Chu Thi Hong Anh – The INDOCHINA Woman

“The Female General” in the field of media possess the calm, gentle and caring feature of a typical south east Asian woman, but also a charisma of pride and self – control seen only in western people. Only when all that combine do we see a Chu Thi Hong Anh  sophisticate and charming in her own right.

" Hong Anh come and take a picture with me!” the song writer Vu Thanh An pay attention to a special women, dressed in bronze gold so very western but also so gentle, classic, calmly escort the guests and the presses in joining the premier of Vu Thanh An live shows in honor of his return to Vietnam in the last August at her Chu restaurant and Tea Club Nguyen Anh 9. Mrs. Hong Anh only come and stand next to the famous artist who she deeply admire and only take a couple of photos as souvenir than busy get back to her work in order for the premier go smoothly according to plan.

The days of stand behind her husband, Song writer Nguyen Quang, taking care of everything for each and every live show of Vu Thanh An become an lasting memories to her audience, Hong Anh seem to “disappear” in this premier campaign.

“ How are you Hong Anh?” an messenger from a new friends in her list, Song Writer Vũ Thành An, appear in the middle of the night keep her wide awake. Why does the song writer message me?.
She only manage to know him through the last live show that her husband set up and coordinate successfully.

“yes, am fine, thanks you so much.” She replied with cheering heart.

Hong Anh certainly that this is no more than friendly chat for she and the song writer Vu Thanh An has no deep connection. But she soon understood the meaning of this sudden little greeting “… I have only met you two for a few days and I have already fond of you, your kindness and the unrequired support. Not only that finding out that you, Hong Anh is a women of many talents, not only that you are a successful business woman but also quite an artist: your decoration of the Chu restaurant, the Nguyen Anh 9 Tea Club is truly a
spectacle. You also know how to paint and have a unique fashion style… truly an admirable character, an icon for the new generation…”

After the deep praises from an old and famous song writer. She trying to understand the meaning of his word and stumble from one surprise to the next. He asked her to officially become his first candidate to join his group of figures for the new Generation in order to promote his music activity in the time to come.

I know Hong Anh have a beautiful voice and also good with poetry therefore I dedicated the song “Hidden Love” for you so that you can introduce it to anyone you listen to my songs. I wrote this song when I was in Paris in 2015, you have also been to Paris therefore you will be even better to describe my feeling. Honored to received such kind words from the song writer Vu Thanh An, Mrs. Hong Anh officially in charge of promoting for the sound of Vu Thanh An to the public, young generation through his works that he dedicate for her voice as well as using her poetry to help write his next songs.

But her best feeling was when she understand the heart of song writer Vu Thanh An has something similar to that which her father in law heart. When he was still alive “she told us that the old song writer in the landscape of Vietnam music, the simplicity, honesty in the wait one treat another is the biggest comfort to the old”. And Hong Anh seem to be the perfect candidate to talk to the old. “the more she interact with true artists that deeper she understand their story, and the love for their work as well as the effort in preserving the everlasting music as true artist”.

Other than “Hidden Love” that will be recorded in the near future, Hong Anh also announce that she and song writer Vu Thanh An will introduce their latest CD which include 9 songs write exclusively for her. Maybe the number 9 for 9 tracks is also dedicate for the late song writer Nguyen Anh 9. Excited for the new music project, Hong Anh is prepare to launch this CD in a very special way.

In the meantime while wait for the launch of the new CD. Hong Anh is buried herself in work and in her love, that is her present known in the kitchen, prepare the menu, decorate the party in the most eyes catching way possible, the floral decoration as well as the antique, oil painting of famous painter… to decorate her Café, in a Vintage Indochina style for everyone to admire.

Before opening the restaurant, Hong Anh usually welcome her from to a fine dining right in her cozy home, where it is famous for its name “the Quiet Corner” with the house build base on the old Royal Style, thanks to its design for maximum sun and breeze flow naturally as well as the little touch of wood carved delicately in the center of the house. Inside this house, other than paintings and antiques, who ever come here will be intrigue with the entertainment room with build in speaker, lighting similar to a small theater her everyone to enjoy and singing.

This successful business woman still keep her charming but simplistic look, with no make-up except when attending party and never involve herself in plastic surgery, all her clothing is made in silk, linen all natural, with no industrial material, her jewelries is made and design by herself and crafted from rare gems; or how she decorated everything in her house, she pick wood so the natural beauty that have been kept for hundreds of years will radiance throughout her house… to Mrs. Hong Anh, everything must be beautiful from the “root” but not too flashy or show – off. All this to express her simple life style, true beauty, deeply absorb in the southern Asia culture.

New Times of Life produce around 300 TV Shots since the years 2005, now with many new shows it reach the numbers of 1500 TV Shots a year, that is the data for the growth of Mrs. Chu Thi Hong Anh, the new TV Shows modernize the way her company let out content such as: New Life Energy, Joy of Life Every days, Smile for the new day, City Today, Love for Life… all of which is follow a theme of life style that attract viewer and keep them intrigue.

The woman who surround with story of houses decoration, fashion design that has style of Eastern Asia, to cooking, singing and raising children successfully but still keep her calm and classy demeanor keep everyone from stop admiring… has using her life experience and put it in to the show that she produce. Somewhere, the beauty of the tradition people culture is harmonized in the life style of the
youth of today. That is what brought the new color, make audiences can’t miss a single show that she produce.

Growing up in Sai Gon, her father and mother are regular working peoples, living a life a middle class of the 60s, 70s era, even so growing up she is taught all that it need to know about art. She told us that all her brothers and sisters know how to play the guitar and play it well. In her home there is a full library for everyone to drown themselves in the world of music, poetry and the values of arts back in those days. That is why she is so heavily influence by the fancy art, the true art that hold exquisite value of the old generation. “ Thank to that I have so much more fascinate ideas to put into my show and share it with everyone”.

Because the of the old way her parent think, she was not allow the advance her career freely for it not lady-like to follow art, but even at a young age Hong Anh has already express her attitude and fine every ways to live with her desire. “when I was not allow to paint, I would saving my money to buy brush and color to paint; when am not allow to sing, I would sneak out with my brothers to go singing at school…” Hong Anh is particularly proud at her achievements in the rule breaking department.

The same as now, there are always investing decision that are too risky but still she pull it off. Every customer that set foots into her Chu restaurant and Nguyen Anh 9 Tea Club can’t not stop themselves from admiring it. Even so there are those who think that such investment may not pay off.

Such suspicion is not without ground. Everything she built is design and invested with the utmost cautious. Her Tea Club is built with the best sound design to for grand performances under the coordination of composer Nguyen Quang and his band is surely to be a heavy investment.

But she still give her all for the joy of music and the dedication for the art that she love. When Nguyen Anh 9 still alive, he always wanted a place where he and his audience can meet and talk…” she told us that she built thế Nguyễn Ánh 9 Tea Club was I honor of her late father in law. But it is also a place to preserve the value of music for the next generation, as well as created a lasting legacy the will keep her image for many years to come.

Whatever it is, the woman who has and still breaking boundaries is creating a revolution in the field of media is always making international friends surprise. Climbing from ladder to ladder in the business then walking on top of the world in the highest position for a Vietnamese in an international enterprise, CEO of commercial company JWT, Hong Anh became the sensational phenomenal is the time. But above all, the image of a woman pure of Eastern Asia is still a attractive point of international partner to trusting in her understanding of Vietnamese culture through her life style.

“meeting many foreigners, especially those belong in the higher class of society, with manner, help me realize the beauty of Vietnamese culture. The international bosses always show their admired for the beauty and culture of Vietnam, they encourage me to keep my Vietnamese look, never confuse by the advance in global culture and ruined the genuine Vietnamese look.

To this day, with everything is changing, Hong Anh is preparing for the retirement years to come. Even so she still crazily and passionately working. Only when working does she forget about the worry of life and become young again.

Mrs. Hong Anh, always take care of complain about party arranging service, event or the difficult demand in the serving course for grand parties at Chu restaurant, also must always taste every new dishes personally. Must be flexible to take care of tough demand from picky customer like when they request a spaghetti dish that have a difference cheese flavor they the one that the restaurant have. Or someone would like to make a special request to a famous singer to perform with the band coordinate by Nguyen Quang in the Nguyen Anh 9 Tea Club…

There have been many memorable parties, events held at the Chu restaurant and Nguyen Anh 9 Tea Club with the grand theme that will leave big impression with every audience. With special appearance of comedian Hoai Linh celebrate his mother birthday, Y Lan’s liveshow filled with flowers and poetic scenaries set up right by the welcome gates or set up a huge buffet for the family of famous celebrities celebrating mid-autumn festival.

Mrs. Hong Anh brought famous chef and big celebrities whose are dedicated under the instruction of song writer Nguyen Quang in order to serve the best dishes at the restaurant as well as the best of entertainment at Nguyen Anh 9 Tea Club. But for a woman who caught up with so much work there are those who would always advice she to relax and enjoy live with what I have instead of investing in to showbiz and music.

Replied to that, Hong Anh tell us about Hong Anh Village, a resort project for relax and rejuvenate in Phu Yen providence that she has invested in with a design of western and eastern combine that schedule to unveil that later this year.

In the plan for retire of Mrs. Hong Anh there have not been a better “retreat” plan better than that.

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