BOSANA COSMETICS is a cosmetics specializing in distributing beauty products with completely natural extracts, very safe and healthy. The company's products have been used by over 30,000 domestic and foreign customers. The owner of this illustrious brand is a very young woman – Bui Thi Thu Trang who operate it and is also the founder. Famous for her brand Trang Bon but recently she also succeeded with the new brand BOSANA.

Trang is always happy, young and very beautiful, what is the secret?

If you want to be beautiful, the only way is to work hard. Hard physical exercise, hard mental training, I never let my body or my brain be stagnant, passive. Start the day with a smile, it will certainly be a great day for you. Always respect yourself, be very precious of yourself and do not allow anyone to lower you. My secret is that simple.

Now, Trang is also very successful with the new Bosana brand. Do you want to talk a little bit about this new brand?

Our Bosana brand of TBH Group was officially launched in Vietnam in April 2019.

TBH Group is the Bosana stands for the phrase "Born On Stone and Nature Beauty" with the symbol of Udumbara flower. Udumbara flower is like the image of a Vietnamese woman in the new age, beautiful, gentle but strong in business, financial autonomy, happiness and fullness. With that in mind, the BOSANA brand wishes to bring the pure beauty, pristine beauty and a happy, controlled life of a woman.

Reportedly, Trang also expanded BOSANA brand development to foreign markets so this time friends saw Trang go a lot and have less presence in Vietnam?

I can read somewhere "This is a certain way to go". I feel very absorbed and it's like my own destiny. When at the top of glory there will be another turn for me to continue climbing and fighting again, when in peace there will certainly be thunderstorms to train my stamina and challenges. One day, I will write a book about the journey and the feelings to succeed is not easy. Every day I walked, a distance I learned more good things.

I love Bosana, I love you, I love the Vietnamese people, I want to give some of my youth to the things I love.

I love the work I'm doing, only your true passion can you stay with your business for a long time even if it gets rough. Money came and went, so I did it because I was happy, loved, and loved.

Trang is living and working in Dubai, how do you feel about living here?

The climate here is very harsh, the outdoor is always hotter than 40 degrees but entering the house or office is always cold below 16 or 18 degrees. New to unfamiliar, thermal shock is normal. And then the time difference and sleep was unfamiliar again but the first days with me were very fast. I had only one thought in my mind: If other people can do it, I can do it. Come on, Trang. Because I came here with only one purpose: to set a business location in Dubai. The business environment here is great. It is great to be able to compete with the merchants here, the people here seem to be born to do business. Everyone is very good at business. But I'm not bored, I'm always ready for entrepreneurship.

Now I start to enjoy life here. The pressure to create diamonds is serious and they are too successful. Everything works neatly, cleanly and always prioritizes women.

I use every hour here to learn, research and develop. So guys, don't wonder why my work life and normal life are so different. Normally, I am very happy, but I work principle and fastidious. Because if it is easy and respectful, it is sometimes harmful to harm people and corrupt work. I knew this so I always kept the principle of being frank, following the goal to the end, without mercy. No success spread roses. Must be strict with yourself. I always ask myself whether I have put in any effort, whether I have done my best, and if I get the results that are worth it.

Young people must be responsible for the future. Because the future must be self-study, self-research little by little. At the beginning of my career, I had to work alone, I did not know how much work, self-study little by little, no money, no free time, so I had to focus on my work, I stayed up all night to get the present. . And now preparing for the future cannot stand forever in the present.

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